Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Why do I love taking Quizzes when I should be working?

Quiz Me
cassie d spins tunes as
DJ Pulsating Lunatic

Get your dj name @ Quiz Me

I tried a couple times with different names.
My full name generated: DJ Uptight Lemon
Loco Mocos generated: DJ Hip Donkey.
How random is that?


jason said...

that was a fun site. I discovered I'm 50% weird and 70% evil. That's more evil than I thought I would be. A lot of the questions were more about "vices" than "evil"

This and That said...

DJ Pulsating Lunatic is a hell of a lot better than DJ Premature Belly!!! With that name I would be lucky playing a Richard Simmons 'sweatin to the oldies'cruise.

Aaron said...

AaronKCMO spins tunes as
DJ Speedy Silk

S E E Quine said...

` Yes, imagine some hottie saying 'I gotta get me somma dat Speedy Silk! Mmm mmm!'
` Let me tell you, it wasn't random for me at all! I got:
` Fishy Bum, Techno Bum, Sweet Bum, Hip-Hop Bum, Crazy Bum, Ambient Bum, Resounding Bum, Fertile Bum, Nimble Bum, Magnificent Bum, Hot Bum, Brazen Bum, Quivering Bum, Mean Bum, Demented Bum, Squishy Bum, Wide Bum, Echoing Bum, Peachy Bum, Pulsating Bum, Sneaky Bum, Dirty Bum, Groovy Bum, Deep Bum, Broken Bum, Clumsy Bum, Uptight Bum, Quiet Bum, Big Bum, Shady Bum, Master Bum, Slutty Bum, Grand Bum, Ghostly Bum, Nervous Bum, Saucy Bum, Clever Bum, Cool Bum, Phat Bum, Stinky Bum, Dark Bum, Bent Bum, Crafty Bum, Vibrating Bum, Funky Bum, Sticky Bum, Fancy Bum, in that order! And that's all!
` I eventually had to stop because I had apparently reached my limit and it has stopped working for me.
` Gee, do you think it likes my bum?