Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Just a few random pics...

buildin my lean-to

SANTA!!! I know him!

San Telmo, Buenos Aires

Lujan, the day after my 31st bday

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My friend Paul sent me this article from Colorado Springs, CO

Here's a fun post from the Colorado Springs police blotter.

Incident Date February 4, 2009 Time 1:54:00 AM Division Gold Hill Shift
Title Robbery Location 145 N Spruce Street
Summary Officers responded to a robbery at a 7-11 at 145 N Spruce St.
The victim said a white male in a black jacket, blue jeans and wearing a
black mask entered the store with a sword. The suspect demanded money
from the victim. He left with an undisclosed amount of money. The
suspect then left southbound on foot. Officers searched the area,
however no contact was made with the suspect.

At approximately 0220 hours, at a 7-11 store at 2407 N Union Blvd a male
matching the previous description, entered the store with a sword. He
demanded money from the store clerk, however he did not obtain any money
at that location. He left the store on foot in an unknown direction.

There was no vehicle description in either robbery. There were no
injuries to either victim. The sword was described as a Star Trek
Klingon type sword, a "Batleth".

I love trekkies. Even trekkie robbers. I especially love it that he got no money!!! Wha????

Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Well, it´s February again, so what does that mean in Paraguay?
Booze, foam, and yes, scantly clad women in a parade that lasts all night.

I decided to update my blog, but I can´t seem to load my photos, so this one will have to do.

I just got back from Encarnacion, Paraguay, where Anthony and I went to Carnival. It was pretty crazy, but I guess we went on a bum night, cause apparently other volunteers who went down after us told me some stories that i cannot repeat on this blog. No no, nothing bad! Let´s just say, a lot of foam....

After Encarn (which is about a 6.5 hr bus ride from Asuncion), we went up to Santiago where we attended a music festival, which was more like a rodeo. Another bus took us to where we went swimming in the river in Ayolas. This was about a 2.5hr bus ride Northwest of Encarcacion. I then headed up to spend the night in Anthony´s site which is in Carapegua (which is close to Paraguari on the map).

I´ve just gotten back to Coronel Oviedo, which is my main city. It´s really hot and i´m lugging around a giant backpack with lots of dirty, dirty clothes. I´ve decided that this year, I will be visiting lots of fellow volunteers to see the rest of Paraguay (not just my little portion!). A way that volunteers can do this is by working with their buddies! For example, I want to visit my friend Anne who lives near Ciudad del Este. In order to do this, we will be making soap at her site with her women´s comite! It´s productive for the communities, as well as for the volunteers who want to spend a few short (i mean 5-6) hrs on a bus to see the rest of the country! I love my job!
I have lots of fun activities planned within my own community, for example worm composting, fogón improvement, and community gardening! I plan on taking lots of photos, so keep an eye out for some updates!