Monday, May 15, 2006

What up, Big Perm?

So i just got back from lunch. What happened while there? I got cut off by some driver in a Ford Thunderbird circa 1991. I know, I know. When driving around suburbia, this is more than likely to occur.

But here's the rub: It was by some gal wearing curlers!!! At NOON!!!!

She looked fairly young, wearing a tank top (which means she may or may not have been dressed) and she somehow needed to high-tail it to Safeway! She wasn't on her way OUT of Safeway, like she had ice cream melting, or some baby was jumping around in the back of her car, but going TO the grocery store!!! Was there some sort of after mother's day sale I did not know about that necessitated that sort of driving and lack of attire?

Well, I will never know.
But i DO have a problem with people who wear curlers out in public without even so much as a scarf!!! Were do people learn this? Isn't that just like those Sorostitutes at college who would go to class in their pajamas? Heck - even old women wear those plastic bonnets or crepe scarves over their hair if the need to go to the thrift store!!

So what is this about? Is this plain laziness? is this accepted in some circles, like the sorostitutes who actually put on make-up to go to class, but not clothes and people actually thought they were cute? Is this cool? Is this like that one time Regina George wore a shirt with holes cut around her boobs, so I wore a shirt with holes cut around the boobs?

Please explain!


Aaron said...

Cas, I think you've spotted a trend. I think it started with the rappers wearing picks in their hair. Pretty soon all the kids will be wearing curlers to school.

You should adapt that to a t-shirt. The trend is just starting, and you could get in on the ground floor.

S E E Quine said...

` You wore a shirt with holes cut around the boobs? What did people say about that?