Monday, July 04, 2011

A few photos

We've been eating a couple times a month a a great galbi place. Starting with the plate with the scissors and moving clockwise: marinated pork rib, dried octopus with radish and brown sauce, spicy zucchini and mushroom soup, marinated onions, pickled radish, two kinds of kimchi and sauce, gelatinous sesame tofu, cabbage salad with sweet dressing.

I noticed the scouts camping at the elementary school next door to our apartment. They're really roughing it.

This gate is right in the middle of a busy intersection:

"Originally called Heunginjimun, Dongdaemun Gate (East Main Gate) is National Treasure No.1. Dongdaemun Gate was built by King Taejo in 1396, renovated by King Danjong in 1453, and its present structure was built by King Gojong in 1869. Apparently people started calling the gate Heunginjimun from King Sejo’s (1455~1468) reign."

The Original Cowboys at work at world famous Moon Blues bar in Guri City.

Cassie rocking out a Madonna tune: