Thursday, May 25, 2006

Ode to Boston Market

I love Boston Market so much, I wrote them a poem:
(don't worry, i'm not becoming a poet.....)

Boston Market is so Yummy
When it’s food is in my tummy

When I am too lazy to come home and cook
Boston Market has everything; Just Look!

From potatoes to corn to macaroni and cheese,
You have everything that makes me weak in the knees!

That delicious aroma when I walk through the door…
Makes me want to slurp up everything that dropped on the floor.

Some have even said that your food is called Soul,
Who would’ve thought I’d love your green bean casserole?

The choices are so many decisions in my head!
At least I don’t have to worry I’ll get free cornbread!

When I go to order, the staff is so nice!
Don’t forget my tea, remember no ice!

When I get to the register, it’s almost if you know me-
For you never forget to question, “Care for a brownie?”

And when it’s all said and done and I pay you my pittance
You always say, “Come back again!” and never “Good Riddance”


This and That said...

you crack me up!

Josh said...

You should be a poet.
Your words have touched my heart.
But if I eat too much Boston Market,
I might have to...

Aaron said...

Damn, I should write a poem about Krispy Kreme.

Paul said...

You might have to what, Josh? Shart?

S E E Quine said...

` I don't want to think of the implications of what 'sharting' could mean. When you think about it....

` That's an awesome poem, Cassie!!! It's actually inspiring that so much could be said in lyric about a non-inspiring place I've never even ventured into!

` I need to post my Charlie the Disturbed Tuna poem. If I do, I'll try to remember to link to this one.

` (BTW, 'it's' should be spelled 'its' on the first stanza.)