Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Tattoo You?

Okay -
So i need some opinions here:

I want to get these 2 tattoos (sometime in the near future). But i'm not sure
A. Which one to get first
2. How they should be done.

They are both Bjork pics, but unless you are an avid fanatic, you probably wouldn't know it. The first one is actually on my blog, but i was thinking about getting it done in black and white like a comic book cell from Sin City or something. Possibly Anime? I'm not quite sure what would be better. I like the dramatic comic look in Frank Miller Graphic Novels, and the whimsical yet leathal look in Mangas.

So here is tattoo #1:

Now, tattoo #2 is more complicated.
I really like the crazy photo (sorry bt, it's a little clown like) but am concerned about the color. I think the colors look great and bright and crazy - but i wonder if i should get this tattoo in different shades of gray/black. I've been throwing around that idea - an am not sure if i want to go ALL gray colors for my tattoos. If i DID get this one in gray - would it take away from the actual picture? is it meant to be bright and somewhat scary?

I was thinking of putting this one up on my shoulder, so if i ever decided to add on and make a sleeve, Voila! But then, i still would like to get a half sleeve of some japanese tattoo....
So maybe I should just wait to do that.....

I need help!!!


This and That said...

really like the bjork one,...the second one in my opinion looks a little like the Grinch in drag.

Paul said...

This and that, you are too funny. The first picture is really good. I'm not a fan of the second one either. If you did a black-and-white, Sin City-like version of the first picture, it'd be a cool tattoo. So are you also thinking of getting a Yakuza tattoo?

caffeinator_x said...

You know, I'm gonna have to go for the second one - DEFINITELY w/ color... very original, reminds me of a mix between a 1970's velvet painting and the Teen Titans cartoon.

While I think it's cool that photo realistic tatoos CAN be done, I just don't care for the "favorite celeb/musician motif". It makes me think of this one time on the bus when I saw this girl with a "Robin Hood - Prince of Theives" tattoo.

tho admittedly, a Bjork tattoo would be way cooler than that.

jason said...

The clown one is a little to scary for my taste. If you want to do the first one like Sin City, you should do it in black and white and have really bright color on some part, maybe the windchime?

Amber said...

Personally I like the Bjork one better,
BUT if you're wanting something Asian I recommend something by Yoshitaka Amano, as in "The Dream Hunters" and "Vampire Hunter D"
I'll post some of the suggestions on my blog, I can't figure out how to do it here..

Aaron said...

I like the second one, done in black and white, minus the little hat and the rosy cheek spots.

That picture doesn't remind me of Bjork at all.

locomocos said...

i know. that's why i liked it. There was another one with her face purple and her hair neon green that was pretty cool....but good idea about taking off the hat and the clown face - that might be pretty cool after all.

my favorite is actually the first one done Sin City style - but i can't pull myself away from the second one either. It doesn't remind me of Bjork - and without the clown face (and maybe minus the grinch green skin) she might be more fun! Maybe transpose the green skin for lavender, and the shirt green....no hat or make up...

but Amber gave me a good idea! i DO like japanese AND anime - so maybe a mix between the two!!!

S E E Quine said...

` I never knew that was Bjork!! (Yes, I am so sheltered!) Those are kewl tattoo ideas! The second one is especially disturbing. Which I likee.
` Hey, if you ever get them done and want yet another and have no idea.... how about my supervillain character?

chips said...

u should get a black and grey tattoo with color to give it a more dramatic look