Saturday, March 24, 2012

We took a trip over to Guri to celebrate Saint Patty's day. We started at Kimbap Heaven.

Cassie and I got some bibimbap.

Mine is red after a healthy infusion of go chu jong, a thick spicy red pepper paste.

A Korean salad bar: spicy fish cakes, kimchi, seaweed salad and some potato jelly.
The weather has slowly but surely been improving, so we went on a walk by the river.

After a nice stroll, we went to the Guri market. This lady had the freshest lettuce.

A few different veggie pancakes. They were hot off the grill and cost W2,000 each.

The kimchi ajuma had dozens of different pickled veggies, fish and meats.

At the veggie stand:

The fishmonger:

Korea is a sock lover's paradise:

Thursday, March 01, 2012

We took the first scooter tour of the spring. Cassie, Austin, Emily and I went to Gapyeong. It wasn't too far, just around 15 miles or so from Namyangju. In any event, the weather was balmy, the company was good and the food tasty.

We stopped for a quick break at a rest stop with a quirky art collection.

That's some fine craftsmanship.

We passed a dam, which created a long lake. It was still frozen solid although the temperature was around 55 F or 13 C. The air temperature dropped noticeably when we passed the dam into the valley.

After several hours of scootering, we needed nourishment. We chose the classiest option, an old boat converted into a restaurant.

Cassie modeling for the Sunset Crusie:

Donkas, or fried pork cutlet with sweet barbecue sauce. Served with seaweed rice, pickled radish, pickles and salad with thousand island style dressing.

Seafood rice with mussels, shrimp, abalone, sesame seeds and seaweed.

All in all, it wasn't a bad way to spend Korean independence day.

We took a nice Sunday hike last weekend. The weather was crisp and clear, perfect for a 4 hour climb. We hiked Chonma Mountain. The trail is about 4 or 5 miles and leads over the peak from Hopyeong to Masok.

James and Austin climbing some rock face:

Getting closer, with a view toward Hopyeong:

A steep and never ending stair case... Koreans treat their hiking trails well.

A breather at the helipad a couple hundred meters before the peak:

At the top of Namyangju: