Sunday, June 07, 2015

Daily Dub

Seeing as how there is a MERS crisis in Korea, I have taken it upon myself to stay at home.  Even though my boss says it's a big government conspiracy - I have opted better safe than sorry.
So what, may you ask, did I do all weekend if I didn't go into Seoul? 
I downloaded Dubsmash.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Spring 2015

Spring Time in Korea.  What better way to enjoy the spring, than to do a marathon in Chuncheon!  
After a long long long long LONG Korean winter, Anthony and I joined a gym in hope to start running some races.  
Our goal:  to finish a race. 
I find that if you lower your standards, you increase your probability for success. And guess what?  It happened!
Let's take look at some photos!
This is a beautiful statue outside the Chuncheon Metro Station.  
It is a golden calf, with a subway train flying over it.  What does this say to you?
It spoke to me.  It said, "This town be cray cray.  Moooooooooooo"

Here are a few pictures of us at the Chuncheon Race.  Anthony ran a 10K, and I ran a 5K.  Luckily, with setting our goal for finishing a race, we were both winners!  I finished my 5K in 38 minutes, and Anthony finished his 10k in an hour.  Pretty fly for us white guys!

After the race, we decided to eat some lunch. Thank goodness New York Grill is still up and running in Hopeyeong. Our old favorite haunt has a new, Korean owner, but she learned to make good ole greasy USA burgers from the best. Best. Lunch. Evar.

After the race, one of my fellow Korean teachers was getting married.  I have been to Korean weddings before, and they are pretty much the same as western weddings - with only a few differences.  BUT THIS wedding was going to be a traditional royal Korean wedding.  Needless to say, the groom's family has moolah.  They also own a private Korean temple in the middle of the city.  They decided to have a traditional wedding, including a ginormous buffet.  It was really neat.  I don't have great pictures, because there were only a few chairs for older guests to sit.  The rest of us had to stand in a crowd.  I was able to take a photo with the bride before the ceremony, but I don't have the photos yet - as they were professionally done.  There is a lot of bowing, and a lot of traditional Korean music.  This wedding was bomb diggity.  Not to mention, they had a previous photo shoot complete with western style tuxedo and wedding gown.  Don't ask me when she will wear that gown again.  No one got to see it!  But I guess if you own an ancient temple, you can afford to throw away a wedding gown.....
Here are a couple photos.  We met one of our students on the way to the wedding.  She was so excited to see it.  Many Koreans don't have traditional weddings anymore.  So it was a wedding of a lifetime!

Next up, is my new hobby.  The school garden.  The principal and vice principal gave Anthony and I a small plot in their massive garden.  The garden is for the cafeteria, and it lets kids plant some plantitias, too.  I was so impressed by the size, and the PTA takes care of most of it.  They even made us a sign.
I made a small garden plan, but I'm pretty sure everyone thinks we're crazy.    I'm doing small space or Square Foot gardening.  I basically broke things into square feet, and did some companion planting.  Slowly but surely, we'll get there.
This is my mini greenhouse at the apartment.  We're starting a little late, cause they just told us we could have some land.  I think they thought we would just buy little plants at the local garden store.  But we want some western delicacies, like cilantro, okra and jalapenos.  I'm keeping a photo journal to see our progress.
That's all for now!  Thanks for stopping by!

Monday, December 29, 2014

Random Photos

So, I realized that I had very few current photos of me on the internet, which normally wouldn't be too bad.  But, I get really frustrated when I'm trying to put together a Power Point at school, and I can't just grab photos off the blog, like I used to!  I used to use Flickr, but alas, I keep forgetting my password!  So I'm going to upload a few pics here, since I've decided to start using this blog again.

If anyone actually reads this, I apologize in advance for the complete randomness of these photos.

Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas 2014

Hello Friends and Family

A quick recap of our ExciTInG ChRIstMaS!
Or, the laid back 'Mas of 2014

Christmas Eve Plans - We had a dinner with friends at an all you can eat Shabu Shabu restaurant.  After, we were headed to the foreigner bar for drinks and some rekindling of friendships from buddies of Christmas past!
Christmas Eve Actuality - We stayed home from the bar as Anthony was really exhausted.  I ended up eating at Cobaco - a pork tenderloin/noodle shop.  I ate udon and pork tenderloin with Erin, and then we came back to the house and watched Dumb and Dumber To (which we downloaded for free, and I'm sure glad we did.  it was......tough to finish).
Anthony opened his Julia present.  She got him a small glass container shaped like a hamburger.  TOO HILARIOUS.

Christmas Day Plans - Wear pajamas.  Friends arrive.  Have breakfast - eggs, pancakes, biscuits, gravy, potatoes, coffee, etc. Hang out and watch Christmas movies.  Play board games.  Day Drinking (Mimosas and Bloody Marys), snooze, make appetizers including tamales,  velveeta dip, Christmas cake, poutine, and spinach dip.  Hang out until midnight watching TV, talking and eating.
Christmas Day Actuality - Wore pajamas.  Friend arrived.  Ate biscuits, gravy, and potatoes.  Watched Fred Claus.  Made Spinach dip, stuffed mushrooms, tamales, velveeta dip.  Drank Mimosas.  Watched Christmas Vacation.  Friend came over.  Watched Finnish movie, Rare Exports:  A Christmas Tale. Group Discussion.  Went to sleep at 11:30.  Same pajamas all day.

All in all, a pretty successful Christmas.  The only thing I would have changed, was I should've made a veggie plate.  I am so full and FAT of junk food!  I need an after Christmas Fast.  And I DO wish we would've had poutine.  Oh well.  There's always Easter!

Thanks everyone for making our first Christmas in Maseok such a success!  Even for us lazy bones!

Friday, December 19, 2014

Oh my. What has become of this blog?

It has been a while since I've seriously sat down and started blogging.  I felt like, "I'm over it!"  But thanks to a blast from the past contacting me on my arch nemesis, Facebook, I feel I should start blogging again.  I know that this blog has lost all of it's followers, but reviewing this piece of history, I thought, should I just let it die?  Hell NO!  It was really rockin' at one time (almost a decade ago).

Well, even if it no longer is being read, who the hell cares.  I will rant and rave to my hearts content.  After all, if everyone else is STILL doing it, why can't I?

So, My PRE-New Years Resolution:
Write on this silly blog.  The last few years have been a blur and I barely remember them.  But reading past Locomocos posts, I remember that I once was:

1. Opinionated
2.  Sometimes clever
3.  Always hilarious
4.  Very burnt out at my job
and last but not least
5.  A drunk

That being said, I am just like my idol, Bridget Jones, and now that I'm in my late 30s, I can certainly handle my drinks better!*  Let's just see if I can juggle my life better!

Cross your fingers

*this statement has not been verified by any sober people

Friday, July 04, 2014

Long Time No BLOG - AGAIN!!!!

Here we are in beautiful Korea!
Ant has reminded me that we make videos all the time with the intentions of posting them on the blog - yet we never do!  Without further ado ~
Anthony!  Starring IN:  Jindo Parting of the Seas Festival!
The Baseball Game: Starring the Doosan Bears
Not quite sure what's happening here
Anthony at a Temple 

Sunday, January 05, 2014

My Croatian Wedding at James P. Davis Hall part 3

So my family is Croatian, and Anthony's family is Lithuanian.  I hadn't been to a Croatian wedding since I was little, and I really wanted to have one.  All I could remember was povitica, puhance, and polka!  I researched extensively, and talked to my family about wedding when they were younger.  Although it's not SUPER authentic, I did try to incorporate some of the traditions I read about online.

My first step was getting a caterer.  Luckily, we contacted The Strawberry Hill Museum who gave us some names of caterers.  I met and chose Cathy Colinda Smith, who did a wonderful job.  The menu included:

Note the nadvanjne above (the round discs) and the sarma below!

Kielbasa, Ham, Roast Beef, Nadvanjne, Croatian Potato Salad, cucumber and tomato salad, rolls, cheeses, fruit salad, and a wonderful vegan Sarma. People keep asking me for the sarma recipe. 

Some of the traditions I found online, and tweaked just a little for my wedding. I wrote them on the schedule cards for everyone to enjoy!

Rosemary:  Rosemary is used to welcome guests to the ceremony.  Traditionally, it was thought to ward off evil spirits.  Each guest receives a piece of rosemary to pin to their shirt.
Apples:  before rings were used, a groom would offer an apple as an engagement present.  Apples were then thrown into a well at the wedding ceremony to represent fruitfulness in the marriage.  We have decided to serve apple cider as a nod to this custom, and you may see some apples decorating the hall.
Darovajte: traditionally, Croatian guests form a reception line to give money and household items to the new couple.  After  giving the wedding gift, the father of the bride gives the guests a shot of his best plum brandy (slivovitz), followed by a piece of bread which symbolizes good hospitality and friendship.
Povitica and puhance: Povitica is a Croatian sweet bread that Cassie’s family continues to hand make.  Most of the povitica you will eat has been handmade by her aunts, uncles, and cousins. Puhance is a small cookie (also called angel wings) traditional at Croatian weddings.  Cassie and her mother made all of the puhance.
Tamburitzan music: If anything, Lithuanians and Croatians love to polka!  We also dance kolos, or circle dances.  Please join us in the fun, and feel free to eat, drink, and make merry!

The next step was to get a band.  Luckily, my dad had a school friend who played Tamburitzan music.  She was so sweet and helpful.  She played Love, Love, Love by the Beatles for our ceremony music.  She also talked to me about having the Darovajte (Dar-oh-Vie-teh).   
Since I was still unsure about how to do the Darovajte, I DID make sure to have some elements.  I read online that the bride makes a hand made towel for her father to wrap around the Slivovitz.  I embroidered a small towel with the date and pictures of booze and bread!  I bought Slivovitz and bread for the reception line.  I got a basket for people to put their cards, and tastefully requested money instead of household presents, since Anthony and I are going abroad again!  It worked out perfectly.  We walked around James P. Davis with the band behind us.  We formed a reception line and I gave out wreaths (as per the Darovajte song) to the mothers and fathers of the new couple.  People put their cards in the basket, took some bread and a shot, and gave us well wishes!  It was fantastic!!!!

This was one of my favorite parts of the wedding.  
We also danced kolo dances (circle dances).  The room wasn't big enough for everyone, but I was so excited my aunts and I decided to dance!  Too bad the guys were too scared!  Haha!

At the end of the evening, James P. Davis looked so beautiful, I just had to put some photos in of the building!  Parigo Studios did a great job photographing my wedding, and I am so appreciative!  I think it was perfect!