Friday, January 14, 2005

this is pretty crappy

I am worth $2,000,366.00 on

What a crappy survey. Why did i do it?

There's nothing like an online survey that tells you how much you're "worth" or how crappy you really are. Sad part about it, is that my friends that sent this survey to me, we bragging on how much $ they got!


I guess sometimes we all need an anonymous website giving us encouragement and making us feel special. Especially questions like: "Do you do volunteer work?" What if you don't? Then you're a crappy person. So OF COURSE you put yes! What else can you do? Sure i volunteer! i volunteer after i work 50 hours a day, and have a part time job on the weekends! But where's THAT question!!!???

okay. i'm better. Take the survey. See How Much Are YOU worth?

Thursday, January 13, 2005

sushi is good for you

i really love sushi.

i just wish i could afford it.

it's like crack.
i feel like i'm always walking around trying to score some good sushi.

not only is the sushi itself addictive, but sushi websites are pretty cool too.... (this one is cute)