Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Breaking Away = Cassie the Cutter

Well, the votes are in.
I have now retained my own personal bike trainer.
She is gonna kick my azz into gear to get ready for some hard core bike riding this summer.

I went up to FOCO for the weekend to hang out at Ed’s place with The Gang (all of whom have already seen Brokeback Mountain…..grrr….) and sat in the kitchen sipping coffee with a caramel in it (I got it out of one of those chocolate boxes – I ALWAYS pick the caramels, and I REALLY want the pure chocolate ones, since caramels anger me – too chewy) talking with Rhiannon about her brother. Apparently her brother races on a regular basis and currently just road some race out in Boulder. I expressed to her that I would like to utilize the bike I bought last year, and really get into biking, following the path of my mom, step dad, and apparently my dad, too! She was really excited. She bikes as well, but I think she does it alone. Her brother, I believe, lives in Carbondale, so not much interaction with him. She jumped all over the chance to help me get into biking shape for the summer. I think I fell off the wagon last year, cause I didn’t have anyone else biking with me, which = Cassie Lost Motivation. So THIS year, I will have a trainer to kick my azz into gear! I will also be able to drive up to FOCO with my bike to go on training rides with her, NOT in the city – which would be awesome!!!

So, as Petunia was talking about goals, I have set up a few short term goals of my own, which may or may not involve ice cubes, and pitching wedge, and a buffalo –

1. get my azz in gear and start training on my bike
2. do small training rides all summer with Rhiannon
3. do a few local rides like the Elephant Rock ride in June
4. do the MS150 in Kansas City with my mom.

I am trying to talk Rhiannon into doing this ride as well. I want to ride this with my mom, too, while raising money for my dad! I TRIED to get Josh excited about it, but he says he doesn’t want the bother of raising money. I guess I understand, since he’d be riding his cruiser. But I think it would be fun no matter what. My stepdad agreed to set up camp for us during the ride, so we don't have to! How fun is that?

So wish me luck! i have my first meeting with my own personal tomorrow night. She says she's even going to do BODY measurements!!!!


Aaron said...

Body measurements? That sounds kinky!

Good luck with getting into cycling Cas. I'm sure it will be a lot more fun with somebody else.

Amber said...

That's cool, all of the above
I've noticed some of the people around here are getting a little slackidaisical about calling me PETUNIA,
I only allow people to refer to me as Black Petunia.
Good luck with the riding
and remember
put a black in front of it or don't be bringing me up already.

S E E Quine said...

` That sounds like so much fun!! I'd probably ride my bike a lot except my dad stole it and who knows what happened to it?
` Have a good time!

Amber said...

Quine, how the hell long have you been away from Daddy dearest? And why the Fuck isn't he locked up??

S E E Quine said...

` It's been almost six long years. He isn't locked up because my mom stopped me from calling the police on him.
` As for now, I don't think there's anything I can do to put him in jail, and I definitely can't have him committed.

heather said...

That sounds like alot of fun. I need to work with my son, so I can get my bike out again.

locomocos said...

do you have one of those little tent things you pull behind your bike for your kids? i have always wanted to ride around in one of those! it must be so fun!!!!

Aaron said...

Cas, have you ever been unlucky enough to have to pull one of those things behind your bike?

That's a workout!

heather said...

No I never had one of those, for the exact reason Amber gave. I'd probably make it about a block with one of those. I never owned one of those tents to run behind either...again for the same reason!!