Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Hawttie Mountain

I want to see Brokeback Mountain. Unfortunately for me, all of my gay crew have already seen it. Guess who went with them? You got it – Josh. So now I have no one to see it with. Boo on me.
I usually go to movies once a week with Kurt. It’s been our tradition for over a year, now. I love seeing movies with Kurt. If they are bad enough, I know I can talk through them and make fun of them with him. It’s great. We usually like the same movies.

Except when I brought up Brokeback Mountain. I didn’t quite get the response I wanted when mentioning it to him:

Let's see... gay cowboys vs. giant city-wrecking gorilla. Hmm...I'm leaning
toward the giant monkey movie

See what I mean? I mean, he’s secure in his sexuality, and he LOVED Donnie Darko. So what’s the big deal? Josh said this movie was good, and the critics think it’s great! But if I ask Kurt to see it again? I don’t foresee much difference in his response.

So alas. I will have to see something else. Any suggestions?


S E E Quine said...

` I'd help you out, but since I don't have a TV anymore, I have no idea what's in theaters nowadays!

` Hmm. I wonder where that website is that has all the previews to new and upcoming movies?

Amber said...

Well, there is Fandango, it has lots o' movies stuff on it.
I haven't seen it either, and to be honest when I first heard about it I wasn't that interested either. Someone asked and I checked into and realize, Donnie Darko, Ok, I'm there. But now yet. Even Tom wants to see it!

Aaron said...

I'm not in a big hurry to see backdoor boys...bareback mounted...or whatever it's called. Given the choice between that and the big monkey movie, i'd agree with Kurt.

I've never seen Donnie Darko either, but have heard it talked up by philwax - that means it almost has to be gay related.

Amber said...

Well, since quizzila said your gay that should be right up your alley. In fact before Mancamp you should probably see the Bareback Cowboy movie, it'll probably educate you a bit.

Laura said...

I'm not interested in it all... no offense to any gay men reading this but... that's just gross! Your peter comes out all chocolatie!!! NASTY!! Not interested in anything with gay man sex in it! BLUCK!

Amber said...

They, from my understanding, do not show any sex, c'mon it's Donnie Darko!

S E E Quine said...

` Recently, I found a closeup video of anal sex on Phil's computer in his Winamp playlist - I had no idea what it is when I clicked on it - HONEST!

` ...whatever the hell he had that for.

` By the way, only half of gay men actually do that.

locomocos said...

that is true. many gay men don't even have any type of 'intercourse'. most of them don't like chocolatie peters either. they prefer oral sex! less messy!