Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Mi Boca es muy GRANDE!!!!

I never knew my mouth was so big!
i mean, i KNOW i have a big mouth, but i haven't seen it in action!!

This is a photo one of the waitresses at Gabor's took of me. I can't tell when it was, but Ed was there!
He looks alarmed!
Like, "Um, excuse me? Whachew talkin' bout, Willis?"
You know. That look.
Or maybe he's just thinking, "What is she taking a picture of Cassie's big mouth for?"
Don't know. But he looks like he was praying before the photo.

Hemingway -
I wonder about something.

I wonder if i can put my whole fist in my mouth if i practiced....



S E E Quine said...

` If I were you, I would probably see *what else* I could cram into my mouth... but that's just my own little perverted musing.

` Also, I put up some more pictures today and will have more up later, so yay.
` Nothing perverted, though.

Amber said...

Well, Cassie, I have like 50 pictures of you making that exact face. I guess I never quite got that angle though.

totalvo said...

I use to hang out at gabors. I lived just around the corner from there. when I lived in dever

Aaron said...

Ya Cas. It looks like you could stuff 50+ hot dogs in that gaping hole of yours. You get the dogs, I'll call Guiness.