Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The Two Yutes....

So i lied about writing a post about NYC last night. I came home, made dinner, and vegged out instead. i leave the longer post (and reading/commenting on everyone's) for tonight when Josh goes to a poker game.

So today, i am periodically going to upload some of the pictures i took in NYC. Unfortunately, one of my rolls of film got messed up, and was unable to be put onto a CD (which just means the crappy lady at the Wegman's grocery store in Allentown, PA didn't know what she was doing!).

Let me just say that NYC was wonderful! I had so much fun!
We arrived in Times Square, went up to Central Park, went back down to Rockefellar Square and Center, Crystler Building, Empire States building (we didn't go up), Public Library, and then took the subway down to China Town, where we hit Little Italy and Soho. We also hooked up with Josh's brother, John, and ate at a vietnamese restaurant.

I also bought a Prada handbag for $20! The guy on the corner seemed legit enough -
Legit enough for me to haggle him down from $30! Wi-Hoo!!!
Okay. 'Nuff said.
On with the slide show!!!

The New York Public Library (i took a lot of panoramic shots on my point and click camera - that's why the black lines are still in the pic! - i'm telling you, that lady didnt' know WHAT she was doing in the photo lab!)

Grand Central Station
It was friggin' cool!

The Chrystler Building

Empire State Building

More to come!!!!!


Aaron said...

The Chrysler building looks neat. It's funny how some people don't know how to spell Chrysler. I mean, it's pretty easy. C-H-R-Y-S-L-E-R. It seems simple enough to me...

Anyway, nice pictures Cas.

Amber said...

I think Cassie added that "T" in there for all the self-righteous spellcheckers to crucify themselves on...

locomocos said...

thank you, amber.
yes, i am unable to use spellcheck through blogger, because my computer block popups.
when i am typing really fast so no one sees me on the internet, sometimes i spell things wrong.

but thank you, a-ron. i know you're 'just trying to help'.

no more pictures for you! come back one year!!!

S E E Quine said...

` And Jesus Crystler rose from the dead and said....

` Heh. Kewl pics! Hey, Rockefeller Center is where Late Night with Conan O'Brien is filmed. I used to watch that show all the time!
` Actually, since my mom has TV I watched the episode with the Lighting of the Christmas (Abe) Vigoda, featuring the Reluctant and Unrehearsed Children's Choir.