Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Workin' to live, or Livin' to work.....

I am swamped. Why is it that your boss, as well as all of those other co-workers around you think you are friggin’ Kali-ma Shock-de day? – you know, with 8 arms ‘n shit!!
I feel like I’m in college again, where you all bitch and complain about that one professor that gives you so much homework, that you think he believes that you are taking ONLY his class! Unfortunately, I’ve begun to realize that maybe, JUST MAYBE that crappy ole professor was trying to ready you for ‘the real world’. Except it wasn’t your choice to take a blue or red pill! You were just mercilessly thrown out into the harsh truth after spending 7 years* in college – the whole time thinking that all you had to do was graduate, and THEN the world would be easy! Now you have to face the facts that your crappy parents were right (not you, mom – promise!) that AFTER college is when life starts, and it SUCKS.

So after that rant, let me ask you this: Have you ever seen that movie, Haiku Tunnel? Well, I’m feeling a little bit like that. I’m buried in work which seems like I will in NO WAY get out on time, and I’ve missed the oldest bike courier (possibly Bikey) to take my letters to the post office due to negligence.
I keep getting more and more work piled on my desk, and even if I have my boss actually sit down and prioritize my work load list, shit STILL hits the fan!!!


Yeah, sure. Everyone feels that way. But what is it about my job that people think that piling stuff on my desk is going to get done ANY faster than when I say, “I have way too much stuff to do. I can’t take on any more unless I get some help”. I’m serious. I actually say this to my boss, and he ‘listens’ or in some way responds like he’s ‘listening’ but then when it comes down to it – like today for example – he expects me to continuously take homework home every night, and magically create a landscape design on my kitchen table, along with an estimate to go along with it! God forbid we actually TELL our clients that they may have to WAIT a bit….

And then as another example, when your boss DOES tell them to wait a bit – he ends up pushing the project off for 2 months, and then expects you to shit it out within 2 days! Don’t forget, that’s 2 days that you already have scheduled to work on ANOTHER design that’s due in 2 days. Let’s not forget the commercial estimates that I keep getting handed, that actually have HARD DUE DATES – which is another thing they kept from you in college. Who has those? I even had a design teacher that claimed that deadlines don’t mean ANYTHING!!!!

Well, maybe I’m living under a rock, or I just haven’t noticed every other working stiff who is as stressed out as I am! And this usually only happens during peak season! Not the END of the season! For the love of Pete! We just had our first billable snowstorm! Geez!!

I wish I was back in the Haiku Tunnel – where everything was warm and fuzzy and I was just given work - and left alone to do it. No screaming bosses, no idiot project managers, no frustrating co-workers piling more and more shit onto my plate.
If only I were a fetus.
No – if only I were a cat. I could curl up LIKE a fetus, and just sleep all day and only allowing people to pet me and pay attention to me when I felt like it. Or needed something.

* Tommy: Did you hear I graduated?
Richard Hayden: Yeah and just a shade under a decade. All right.
Tommy: You know a lot of people go to college for seven years.
Richard Hayden: I know, they're called doctors.


Amber said...

but then you'd be allergic to yourself, like Miss Kittin!

Aaron said...

Fat guy in a little coat...

Aaron said...

Eva, I won't cry for you. You think you're working hard now? Wait til you join the peace corps. That will be hard work - with no 'set hours' or 'days off'. There won't be any 'benefits', or 'perks'. The good news is that you'll probably be to tired and sick to worry about who's dishing out turds.

Mom said...

Thanks for not calling me a crappy parent.

Josh coast said...

I don't know what your talking about. I work in an office now and it's GREAT! no dumb ass customers bitching and moaning and trying to prove there superiority over you. like that lady that told me she *has* an education in art (she took a couple of classes at a community collage) But then again, my job is easy! thats it, you need one of those, an easy job. then your liven the high life. the salad days. oh yea.

Anonymous said...

Yes!! Haiku Tunnel. That's a funny movie. They show it on IFC from time to time. I can relate to the old, slow mailman at my place of business. Not only does he move slow, but he also talks slow. Like he's all worn out from pushing a mail cart.


locomocos said...

No benefits in the Peace Corps? Are you crazy? How about the benefit of HELPING people live a better life!!!! GEEZ!!!!

as for Haiku Tunnel - i bought it and LOVE it!!! Everytime his boss walks by his area and that wwhhhoooosssshhhhh sound is played - i am reminded of my company, and the owner's wife! Of course, the owner is not as bad as 'Bob' but....
wait. Yes he is!