Monday, October 24, 2005

Oldie but a Goodie.....

So Josh and I made a quick decision while standing in the costume shop this weekend, that we would be Gomez and Morticia Addams for Halloween. Personally, i wanted to be Herman and Lily Munster, but Josh didn't want to wear a Frankenstein mask. Plus he thought Herman was 'doofy' and Gomez was 'cool'.
So The Addams' is a little cliche - but i think it's a great costume for when you're on a budget. I purchased a long black wig that unfortunately has bangs which i will 'tailor' into Morticia's hair (maybe she can be a 'hip' Morticia) and Josh will wear his 1 and only suit with an ascot. It won't be anything close to last year's costume, but it will be a hearty effort.
The only thing is that i am having trouble recruiting people for my 'First Annual Impromptu Halloween Party'. I have great, wonderful, vivacious friends (Ed, Rhi, and Leslie) that agreed to come down - but alas, they are also FLAKY. They keep answering my questions with "maybe Saturday" and "possibly i'll come down, if i get my homework done". WTF????? It's HALLOW-F*ING-WEEN, FREAKS!!!!!

So maybe i won't have a party. Maybe i'll have a party all by myself. MAYBE i'll have so much fun, that i won't WANT to go out Saturday when they finally decide to come down, because i had so much fun on Friday.

My lip is sticking out.


I'm going to go eat all the candy and wallow in self pity.


Then i'm going to get drunk in my Morticia costume.


Aaron said...

Do you really need a costume to dress up as Morticia? You could just wear some of your old clothes from high school. The hair (highlights) would be a problem though...

S E E Quine said...

` Tis I! My internet's working again after about three long days!

` That sounds like a cool idea. I agree that Herman is doofy, but I don't think Gomez is very cool either. But at least he's not doofy.
` Hope you get that wig to behave. Also, I love the way you wrote: 'My lip is sticking out now'. Hee.
` Have fun pitying yourself!

S E E Quine said...

` Also, I like ascots.