Thursday, October 13, 2005

I have it all figured out. It's an eighteen hour trip which breaks down into six driving shifts of three hours each

As per my dad’s comment on the previous post, I have created a flow chart showing the production schedule of my upcoming trip to Pennsylvania for the New Years festivities. Please note the amount of time I will be spending in KC for Christmas = 2 days. Please plan accordingly – i.e. Christmas Eve, and Christmas night = PARTY PARTY PARTY.

You can't see it very well, but my dad inspired it per this email:

With only 2 ¾ months until implementation, I have begun project management. Any suggestions?

STAGE 1: Project conception. – LeighAnn/Sara
STAGE 2: Trip Itinerary. - Bill
STAGE 3: Provisions.
STAGE 4: Music. BYOM
STAGE 6: Hotels.
STAGE 7: Driving schedule. – Cassie
STAGE 8: Vehicle prep. – LeighAnn

For any of you who know my dad, you know this is typical.


Amber said...

Uh, what about St. Louis??

locomocos said...

Sorry Amber.
I won't have time to drive out there!

The trip is in full production! Tickets are purchased and everything!

Sara D. said...

St. Louis was going to be our first stop anyway.

Amber said...

Ha! You must come see me! have coffee or something....walk my dog, c'mon!

locomocos said...

stop? STOP??

Well....i guess we can - if you let us use your bathroom!

Amber said...

What makes you think we have indoor plumbing??
You can use the dogs bathroom, she's good at sharing.

Aaron said...