Monday, October 03, 2005

The Halloween Pressure IS ON!!!

So I have no idea of what I’m going to do for Halloween.
I just don’t think anything can beat last year’s costume. I mean – it was awesome.

So let’s see a list of Cassie’s Halloween Costumes since 1998:

1998 – Princess Leia
1999 – I can’t remember cause I was in college and drunk
2000 – Eddie (with Ed as Patsy) from Ab Fab
2001 – No Costume – we just rented scary movies hence my roomie’s nickname “Mopey Jamey”
2002 – Stevie Nicks
2003 – Stevie Nicks again for 10 minutes (it was when I was dating The Guatemalan and we bought costumes to be Beetlejuice and Lydia but then he cheesed out and I caught his flu) I couldn’t JUST go as Lydia from Beetlejuice! NO ONE would’ve known who I was! They would’ve just thought I was some goth kid! Boo!
2004 – Leela (with Kurt as Fry) from Futurama
2005 – WHO KNOWS!!! But I better get my azz in gear and find out what the rest of you hosers are doing for Halloween!!! I mean, are we even doing anything?

So I have a checkered past when it comes to Halloween.

I was thinking of just being done with the whole thing and buying the DEVO costume at Target. I’ve always wanted an ‘Energy Dome’. But there will probably be 80 thousand DEVO’s out there this year, since it’s at Target. If all else fails, I will just purchase a Samurai sword and a mask and put on one of my work suits with a tie and be one of The Crazy 88’s from Kill Bill . But it just doesn’t look as good if I go alone. And there’s really no movies out right now that would be fun to parody. Napoleon Dynamite is big – but it was cooler last year, since they are selling actual MASKS of Napoleon at Target…..

Screw it. Maybe I’ll just go as a sexy cat. That NEVER seems to go out of style.

Which opens up a new can of worms! Why do girls insist on going as “sexy” anything!!! It’s so BLAH!!! Halloween isn’t supposed to be SEXY!!!! Your costume is supposed to be cool and scary!!! Not a TOTAL WHORE!!!! It’s an age old argument. But just watch Mean Girls. They sum up Halloween pretty well.

So – what are you going as? Any ideas for Cas?


Amber said...

I don't know if I'll do anything either. I've always wanted to do Sally and Jack from Nightmare before xmas. I just saw Mirror Mask. It was really good. You could be the girl in it, Helena. Her costume would be really easy, you just wear a white t-shirt, white pajama pants and white bunny slippers.
Or you could go as Tom Cruise, THAT would be really creepy.

Josh said...

You could be the jerks wife.

josh said...

why is the whip it guys whip broken. does it come in the package broken too?

locomocos said...

how funny! i just put up a post about mirror mask!

and refresh my memory on what Bernadette Peters looked like in The Jerk.....

locomocos said...

he must have been whipping something too hard....

he whipped it good!

Josh said...

I can't remember, I think that she had runny mascara though.

Aaron said...

Caution: Choking Hazard.

You should go as martha stewart.