Monday, October 24, 2005

Report: Wendy’s ‘Garden Sensation’ Salad not as Sensational as Previously Believed

Yes. It is true. I did not find Wendy’s Chicken BLT Garden Sensation salad anything to write home about. The most it’s getting is a report in my blog.

I have previously tried the Wendy’s Garden Sensations line and found them quite pleasing. Actually, I used to order them at least once a week when I was working at my first landscape job out of college. I thought, “Why continue to buy a junior bacon cheeseburger and fries, while I could eat a cool, crisp sensational salad for the same price? It fills me up, and doesn’t make me feel like I’m eating the same ole fast food!” That was my initial opinion. And I enjoyed those salads! The Mandarin Orange, Southwest Chicken, my favorite, Chicken BLT and the new Grilled Chicken and Feta! What a variety to have at a drive through fast food joint! How easy is that?

Well friends, apparently not THAT easy. As the years have passed, I have gotten bored with these ‘Sensational Salads’. And even as they try to spiff up the existing salads by adding new and improved ingredients, they all remind me of the same thing:
I hate salad. I’m eating lettuce. Boo.

Yes, you heard it. I said Boo.

What is up with you salad lovers out there? I just can’t seem to get into it. I thought Wendy’s salads were my salvation to alternate fast food – but alas. I still can’t get over the fact that I’m eating salad when I COULD be eating a Frosty. I know what you’re thinking, “No wonder she looks like AZZ in Seattle”. Well I got news for you folks. I DON’T eat fast food once a week anymore. Actually, I only save it for emergencies when I’m out and about for work, or I have brought ABSOLUTELY nothing for lunch and I’m starving. But even with these rare occasions in mind, I still try to stay away from anything TOO bad for you (French Fries are my arch nemesis – you always love the ones you hate!).

But as I was heading into my office today around 2pm, I decided to drive through Wendy’s and get a healthy and refreshing Garden Sensation. I thought this would satisfy my appetite (as I never finish them) as well as keep my in line with my calorie intake for the day (the average fast food meal has over 1800 calories – based on an average 2000 calorie per day diet).
What a mistake. Bland Blah BLech. My favorite Chicken BLT was wilty, flavorless, and of all things, luke warm! GROSS!!!! WHO likes salad like that? Even with the substitute Creamy Ranch dressing (that mustard stuff is CRAP) it didn’t satisfy my taste buds. I felt like I was eating carboard.

But I have finally come to a conclusion:
I hate salad. Only sensational salads will make me think otherwise, and you won’t be finding them at Wendy’s.
And although I’m not as happy with these current sensations as I once was, I still think it a healthy alternative to the Big Mac and those dreaded French Fries. But as in the immortal words of Levar Burton: You don’t have to take my word for it.


Amber said...

Where oh, where do I begin.
I'll start with quoting you:

"I hate salad. Only sensational salads will make me think otherwise, and you won’t be finding them at Wendy’s."
Salads from fast food places are not only OVERPRICED, but of low quality, and who knows how old, sitting in a dirty, crusty fridge in some grease pit.
Give me a break, my Nubian brother!
I love salad, but you have to make your own. And if you buy all the stuff you like at the store, it'll cost you about as much as you paid at the grease pit for one salad and you'd be able to have salads for a few days, at least two! You can share it with your loved ones, so many possibilities...
I appreciate your rant because it pretty much preproves my point now.

Aaron said...

I got about 3 sentences into the second half of this post before I noticed the tricks you're trying to pull. You're trying to make your posts look longer by pasting the same text in twice! Are you trying to make your blog appear less attractive in order to lose value on blogshares?

I worked at Wendy's when I was 16. Back then they had the Superbar! That was as good as fast food salad got.

locomocos said...

oops! you're right!
I have been having blogger issues lately.
anyone else?
very slow, and sometimes it won't post my pictures.
it's probably my server, but it gets harder and harder to post while at work!

locomocos said...

and i realize that fast food salads are not the greatest of choice in salads, but when you're in a bind, where else do you go?


what prepoint are you pointing at?
Bean Soda?

jason said...

Old Chicago's oriental chicken salad hands down is the best restaurant salad I've ever eaten....and I don't like salads. It is fantastically delicious and I have that almost every time I go there.

locomocos said...

i wonder how that advertisment got on there with the word verification......

Amber said...

What is up with your blog? It's going crazy!

locomocos said...

i don't know!

She's bustin' apart at the seams!!!!

Amber said...

I don't know what's going on with the commenting, but I have a feeling it has to do with A-Ron getting a new job. He was always putting in his rusty two cents worth, and now, nothing!

S E E Quine said...

` I hate salads, too. At least when they have iceberg lettuce. I prefer something with nutrition in it.
` Panera Bread's not bad, though. Their salads, as I recall, are even a little more expensive, though they are 10x better than Wendy's.

` I also love Levar Burton. He is so cuddly on the Reading Rainbow. I occasionally watched it when I had television - at least the Levar segments. But I think his most cuddly persona was on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
` When Phil was little, Levar did an episode where he introduced the kids to his other job... playing an artifically-seeing engineer on a starship with an android friend! Oh, I loves da androids!

Aaron said...

Levar Burton sounds like such a hippie in real life. Who, besides Cas, has seen 'Trekkies'? He comes off like such a tree-hugger.

Aaron said...

Amber, I've got your rusty two cents right here!

Anonymous said...

I have the same dilemma about trying to eat something decent and cheap at work. I carpool, so I hardly ever have my car nearby to leave at lunch. So, I bring it and try the salad thing as much as I can stomach it. Twice a week, max. But, I make it at home and bring the dressing separately so it's not all slimy like some of the fast food ones.

The last Wendy's salad I had was the Greek and it was HORRID. But as far as eating out, I love the Oriental and Chipotle Chicken salads at Old Chicago and the blackened chicken at Buffalo Wild Wings is decent. The Super Bar did rock! Whatever happened to it? Did the fatasses all eat Wendy's out of business?


locomocos said...

yeah! what happened to the salad bar! i completely forgot!

i bet they had to take it out due to weirdos not abiding to the 'salad sheild'.

Amber said...

People, c'mon!
People go to those greasy burger joints for fried carcass, not nutrition! geeze.