Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shoooo Schweeeeeet!

Look what my sweetie bought me for our anniversary!


What a sweetie!!!
Thanks baby!

I think it's hilarious!!!!


michelle said...

now that boy is a keeper. have a great night ;)

Aaron said...

My mom would love that mug.

Denny said...

magnum is so hot !

Paul said...

That photo looks like it was photoshopped over another picture of a white mug. It doesn't look real. I hope you didn't get hoodwinked! If it is real, that mug really bakes my noodle. You better hide it when we move out, or it just might end up in one MY boxes.

Laura said...

Aaron stole my comment for this post, Cassie.

totalvo said...

that is HOT