Wednesday, April 05, 2006


So Josh decided to up our cable $10 and get HBO and On Demand. I had no idea these options were so cool! At first I was very skeptical and thought it was a waste of money.

But no longer.
After last night, I change my position on cable.

I watched the new HBO series Big Love.
I had wanted to see this series after hearing a short synopsis about it on NPR before it premiered. Of course, the problem was that I didn’t get HBO, and I didn’t know anyone who did, who would be willing to tape it for me.
Well since Josh decided to pay for cable – we now have it. And not only HBO, but On Demand, which apparently means you can watch certain shows like DVDs (pause, stop, rewind – all of it!). What a wonderful invention! I thought that was what TIVO was – which I knew I would never experience!
So – back onto the show:

As if normal family life isn't enough trouble, Bill Henrickson (Bill Paxton, Twister, Thunderbirds) has everything in triple: three wives, three houses, three families. Bill's first and only legal wife is Barb (Jeanne Tripplehorn, Word of Honor) but he also shares the bedroom with middle wife Nicki (Chloe Sevigny, Boys Don't Cry, Dogville) and youngest wife Margene (Ginnifer Goodwin, Ed, Mona Lisa Smile). Bill also has three new adjoining houses, seven kids, and a booming hardware business. The series kicks in as Bill receives troublesome news about his father (Bruce Dern) who lives in a fundamentalist community in rural Utah.

So there is so so much more to this show!
Within the first episode you get to know a little about how the family works, and who each character is. It’s a little bumpy at first as you try figure out who is who, and what the attitude of this family is toward what most people think about polygamy. The best line is when all wives are talking to each other and saying, “We are all here by choice”. I think that sums up the morals behind what this family is doing compared to their ‘extended family’ left back at the compound.
I anticipate this as being a great show, despite “You’re dogmeat, pal” Bill Paxton. To be honest, I think he’s like dry toast. But his wives! Oh the wives!
The First wife is Barb – who’s character is determined from episode 1 as the mature, level headed ‘knows who she is’ wife. She handles all the household issues, as well as all the wives’ allowances. She also has a part time job as a teacher, which shows her intelligence and independence. I believe we like her immediately.
The Second is Nikki – who is insecure, jealous, materialistic, and very immature for her age. She plays the part of the only wife who was raised in the ‘compound’ who still wears her hair in a braid and dresses like Laura Ingalls. We dislike her immediately, but soon realize that she’s got her own demons to fight with, as well as a lot of growing up to do.
The Third is Margene – who is the youngest, and most insecure. She is bubbly and inexperienced, as well as the most sexual. She seems to get along with Barb’s oldest son more than the other wives. At first you’re not sure about her, but as she catches all the shit from jealous Nikki, we begin to sympathize with her as she questions the path she’s chosen.
The other character I’m excited to see is the oldest daughter, who happens to be ‘Karen’ in Mean Girls. And she knows a lot more than her ESPN was letting on. She has expressed her views against polygamy from episode 1, and is trying to understand the morals she was raised with, as well as her mother’s odd choice after so many years.

Despite some of the reviews, I anticipate a great drama described by the writers as “aimed to create a nonjudgmental portrait of plural marriage” which is true since the series focuses more on the practical and emotional aspects of polygamy than on its moral or ethical aspects.


Paul said...

Polygamists are just like Homosexuals!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I've been watching it just because it follows Sopranos. I agree that it doesn't condone or condemn the issue, but instead shows the common marital problems. And some not so common, like having to bring your kids indoors because your husband's third wife is being too loud in the sack. Ha!


Amber said...

All I can think of is how Bill is probably always saying to them as he's in bed with them is "you're dog meat, pal!"
yikes, I have no interest in this and haven't really heard good things about it. But I'll never know since I never watch tv, let alone have HBO.

Aaron said...

Bill Paxton is NOT an actor.

HBO is the best cable channel ever, but some of their shows leave me asking what were they thinking?!

Carnivale?!? What the heck is that?

Amber said...

Sorry about the repeat on the dog meat. I guess I should read the WHOLE post before I comment next time.
I want to see the show that actually shows a woman with all the men she needs to satisfy her needs, since we all know that it would take more than one or two to truly fulfill her....

Amber said...
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locomocos said...

i agree.
why isn't there polygamy where a woman gets to have countless men - and no children? Maybe she could have them all freeze some sperm, then get their stuff snipped. then, if she felt like it, she could have a baby of whichever husband she wanted - and then HE would take care of the baby!!!

i think you're on to something there. but alas. the only channel that would show that program would probably be Sci-Fi, cause no one could possibly believe that that could be every woman's desire.....

or at least some of us.
we could be know as Wymylonians...
and our guys (who we give full respect, choice, and treat as equals) would run around trying to lose weight and wear pretty things in their hair, and worry about world peace.

yep. Sci-Fi for sure.

locomocos said...

there's a star trek episode sorta like that if anyone's interested. Riker dresses up in some tights. it's pretty good.

Amber said...

Excellent idea my friend, I think Josh should make us t-shirts that say: "Wymylonian:no woah-man here" or something.

Denny said...

i thought it was interesting that before the first episode aired the Church Of Latter Day Saints based in SLC (where the show is set)came out against the show. The church would like everyone to believe that people dont live like this in this day and age. I travel to utah quite a bit where polygamy is alive and well and in the southern part of the state and they whole heartedly practice the morman religion. And ladies i agree with your thoughts monogamy is crap, bring on the polygamy !!

Come on aaron what about Weird Science now thats acting !

Denny said...

alright, now im sitting at home watching all the previous episodes on demand tonight....sheesh.... well at least im not at the bar.

Anonymous said...

"Carnivale" was a very cool show. There's a ton of symbolism and allusions that I didn't catch the first time around.


locomocos said...

actually, i really wanted to see that show. it looked dark and creepy!

Aaron said...

Officially, the RLDS church denounced Polygamy in the early 19th century. I guess the horn-dogs out in Utah haven't heard yet.

Josh said...

yep, carnival was a good show. I've been meaning to get back into it now that I have On Demand.

Oh yea, Amber, there is good stuff on TV, you just have to know where to look! HBO is a really good start, if you miss out on six feet under, your missing some really good and relevant work. also, IFC (independent film channel) You could always rent them after they get to dvd if you don't want to pay for cable.

This and That said...

Love this show. Had a patient explain that the opening credit montage...has a mormon message having to do with the afterlife and the planet they form after life here is destroyed....blah, blah, blah....religion is funny. Sometimes it sounds like stuff my 5 year old makes up.
Anyways, never liked Bill Paxton or Chloe Sevigny til this is the ONLY show Caff X and I agree to watch together.