Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Interesting Poll

Paul sent me this as he knows how the abortion issue is always on my mind:

It has to do with the new governor elections for the state of Colorado. The candidate in the lead is a democratic pro-lifer - BUT what is interresting is that Colorado is THE ONLY state that has been polled where a plurality of people do not think that abortion is morally wrong.

Read on:

When asked about the abortion issue, a bare plurality of Colorado voters, 44%, say abortion is not morally wrong (43% say Yes)—unique among states we've polled on this question. In other states, a plurality or majority say abortion is morally wrong even when there is no majority support for an abortion ban. In Colorado, 54% oppose a ban on abortion similar to the one passed recently in South Dakota.

Here is the link to the poll


Aaron said...

In my opinion:

You can poll in one hand and crap in the other, and see which one is worth more.

Paul said...

And then you can fling it at innocent bystanders like an ape.

Denny said...

well whatever the issue, at least you can say coloradites are wishy washy.

locomocos said...

geez -
i thought this would spark an abortion topic.....