Sunday, April 23, 2006

Report Photos: 12 Mile Hike Starts Out Beautiful and Ends Up Bane of My Existence

This is Rhiannon on the top of the hill i ate my breakfast on.

This is the remains of a homestead from Mexican immangrants circa 1899

This is an old chapel with cemetary. There were some really awesome headstones in spanish I will post on my other site.

This is one of the dinosaur tracks by the riverside. My foot is the fat one.....

This is me tired out of my brains on the way bay to that cute little mexican homestead. At the time of this picture, i wanted to set up my own home in there, and never leave. only problem, was the well was dry, as just like my water bottle.

I look serene. but really i was an inch close to passing out infront of an old abandoned stove, ready to be eaten by wild dogs.

I'll post more to my new picture blog if anyone is interested. I started one just for photos.


Aaron said...

Damn Cas. How can you stand all the sun you've been getting lately? I bet you're a robster.

Amber said...

What's a robster? Somone who is stealing sun from the rest of us?
Those tracks look really cool. We used to go fossil hunting in areas like that in Colo. but I never did see any tracks.
So, why did you start a photoblog?

Denny said...

yeah thats real serene look. That looks more like "screw you guys.... im going home" !!

caffeinator_x said...

I went for a hike once back in 98... but you, Cas, you haven't changed a BIT!

Did you guys try to go to Lipgloss Fri? Shit! Did you GET INTO Lipgloss!??

Sorry we lost you - had a blast at Gabors, will try to get you the sordid details from the rest of the night

post some pics!

locomocos said...

I started the photo blog so i could post more pics and save the good ones for my first blog. Mainly i'll post stuff on there for my family and friends - like an online photo album for people to take pics from.

Caff - We went to lipgloss right after you all left Gabors (i didn't even finish my beer! shame on me!) and waited in line for 10 min. We got bored and just went home. We checked the line to see if you guys were waiting, but to no avail!

I'll be sure to post some good photos!!!

This and That said...

sorry I could't join you some pics! Heard everyone brought a camera (except caff x) but haven't seen any. Maybe too incriminating? hopefully we can all meet up soon.

Aaron said...

A robster is what you rook rike when you ray in the sun for too rong.

Did you know?!?!? 90% of Japanese businessmen have cadaracts?

It's true!

The other 10% drive rincolns.