Friday, April 07, 2006

Good, Bad, I'm the guy with the Opinion

So i saw that movie Slither last night. Kurt and I (especially Kurt) went with low expectations, but came out of the theatre pleasantly suprised.
No. It will win no awards.
But it wasn't too bad. It had all the great elements of a horror film - even with a little extra!
It had:
Mutated humans/animals
Suspense (as much as a cheesy horror movie can have)
Humor (i was suprised at this)
and most important:

Just kidding. It was pretty funny, though. The plotline had the same premise as The Invasion of the Body Snatchers.
Let's just say it was loads better than the other horror movie out now called Stay Alive. That one was a little less than average. No boobies at all.

So Kurt and I had been discussing how bad it COULD have been - when I brought up a list of bad movies we had seen recently.

I added a few more to my list to include DVDs and and anything I saw on the tube.

Top 5 Worst Movies I've seen within the last year:
1. Birth
2. The Forgotten
3. Elizabethtown
4. Reality Bites
5. The Tuxedo

The last 2 were on TV, and i had to turn them off. Have you seen Reality Bites lately? I used to think it was good - but i couldn't even watch it for Janeane Garofalo or hottie Steve Zahn!

Top 5 Good Movies I've seen within the last year:
1. V for Vendetta
2. Night Watch (this is the first in a trilogy! yea!)
3. Mirror Mask (is this out on video yet?)
4. The Squid and the Whale
5. Brokeback Mountain

If there are any good movies out now, i would love to know! Any suggestions on DVD or theatre?


locomocos said...

just to give you a heads up - josh didn't like Night Watch cause it had subtitles (it's russian) so he wasn't able to watch the action as closely. you might have to see this a couple times, but it's worth it!

Anonymous said...

Most disappointing DVD rentals:

History of Violence--

Can't believe it was so critically acclaimed!! Horrible dialogue, bad acting, huge holes in plot. Bah.


Looking kind of like another "Beautiful Mind" type of story about the line between madness/genious, etc. Fizzled out at the end, started out feeling sorry for Paltrow's character, but just got annoyed with her in the end. Gyllenhal was not likeable, either.

I'd like to hear some suggestions for good movies, too! I have "Everything is Illuminated" yet to watch, and I hope it's not disappointing also!! I have seen "Mirror Mask" at the store, but it is always rented.


Amber said...

I want to see that Everything is Illuminated too. I loved Mirror Mask as well. I have yet to see all of "Good nigh, good luck", I keep falling asleep. I usually try to see a movie three times, if I fall asleep all three times then I deem it not good enough. That happened with Lost in Translation, and people loved that, i don't get it.

Josh said...

I don't care what you say. I still like Reality Bites. I think you where just not in the mood that night. Mirror Mask was really good. Broke Back was okay. A little boring though. Maybe if I was shocked about the idea of gay cowboys it would have been more interesting. When they got together, it didn't seem like they really connected before hand. I thought it was worth the 10 bucks, but I have seen better love stories. I wasn't really convinced that they loved each other. When that guy died, I didn't even cry.

totalvo said...

I live in rural PA the movie theater here only plays FAMILY FILMS

jason said...

older movie, but it was awesome....Amelie. I saw it for the first time recently. I had been avoiding it because I thought it was a chick flick...not so! It was a really good movie, and not too lovey dovey. I would put it in my top 20, maybe top 10 of all time. I liked it that much. I'm sure most of you have already seen it though.

Amber said...

Amelie is one of my favorite movies as well. If you've never seen some of the other films by Jeunet(+Caro, which Amelie wasn't) like Delicatessen or City of Lost Children, you should. Good stuff.

duff said...

singles was far superior to reality bites.

Aaron said...

That's It! If you're gonna make top 5 lists, i'm gonna put up funny and interesting polls to see which type of chocolate you are, etc...

It's getting down to the wire, 10,000 will be broken next week. Best of luck.

S E E Quine said...

` Man, am I out of touch with movies and such!

Paul said...

Maybe you have to be gay to have felt something after watching Brokeback. I really hope not, though, because I think it's important for people to 'see' what it must be like to have to lie so completely about something not only to others but also to yourself so that you reach a point where the truth is really no longer discernible from the falsehood and a self-hatred grows inside of you. Maybe I'm hoping for too much, though. Of course, you don't have to be gay to experience any of that, which is why Brokeback is ultimately a human story and not a gay story. Anyhow, I was also extremely frustrated with the gay rights movement for co-opting this movie to further their PR/political agenda. I doubt that any of the elite leaders of the HRC really understand what it'd be like to be gay and living in a place that is inhospitable to same-gender-loving people. Maybe that's a hasty generalization, but I still feel it's true. I also recently re-saw Batman Begins. I love that movie! Hopefully, there will be sequels. And I can't wait for the next X-Men!

locomocos said...

you're right - it's a human story. and you're also right - Batman Begins rawked!!!

This and That said...

definitely liked Reality Bites over Singles....the funniest scene in Singles (unintentionally)was seeing Campbell Scott and Kyra Sedgwick pretending to be in their early 20's enjoying Alice in Chains. yikes.

I was sick when I saw Amelie...was very tired of her face by the end.
Almost too perfect. And long french movies are not recommended when you have a fever.