Monday, April 24, 2006

Report: Fortune Cookie Received in 1994 Finally Showing Results!

Someday you will get the recognition you deserve.


I finally got a result when i Googled my name! All the time, other Cassie D's were getting their names up on the web - and none for me!


Now granted, i don't post my last name too often, i like to keep the anonymity - but since i got the "Seal of Knowlege" for Greenco, and I got registered as a Landsape Professional in the Town of Caslte Rock - i FINALLY get to see my name on the internet!


You have to scroll down to the CALCP section in white. it's in alphabetical order....

I don't know why they put my name under that section, but i think they just threw everyone at my company there, even though we are ALCC as well.....jerks....

AND when you Google my name, it comes up for the CSU Career fair! Weird, huh?

So then i came across this site, which is really creeping me out. You can find out all about me if you pay $9.95 online!!!
I know you can do searches on people, but never ones that tell you possible relatives!

So apart from that, i'm pretty excited to be recognized by Google.
Now: if i can only get LocoMocos to be recognized, i think i will have it in the bag.
Caff - did you find out how to create your blog into an actual website? Maybe is should do that.....gotta get the mocos out there......


Laura said...

Urban Farmer's RULE!!! Well done!! I feel so cool knowing someone famous!!

Amber said...

Cassie, it's funny because when I google your name I came up with some naughty stuff, hopefully your dad never googles your name...
just kidding. But when I google mine I do get stuff that is totally unrelated because of the link to Ben Dover.

Amber said...

BTW, this is really weird.
From a girls website that I frequent some this:

not exactly a google, but it's you!

caffeinator_x said...

Your full name is adorable... you are totally a children's book character.

I've talked to a couple different people about hosting my blog on their server (which is easy enuf to change in the blogger dashboard) but it's a question of the investment (about a hun'erd bones a year)-- right now I'm content w/ my template and logo.

and HEY! Keep googling yourself and you'll go blind.

This and That said...

Love your last name. Mine is so different (and hyphenated) that I am the only one. So do your cards say "urban farmer" cause that would be too cool.

Aaron said...

When you google AaronKCMO 90% of the results point to my web presence.

Hey guys, you can get a lot of people to host your site for a lot less than $100 a year. The problems you're going to run into is the behavior of the blog posts. You won't be able to 'post' anymore, you'll have to make changes to the HTML of the site every time you want to put up something new. You won't have 'archives', and you'd have to design all of the pages your blog would open.

It would be just like a regular website - so you could probably get the URL you wanted, but the whole blog aspect of the site would disappear.

locomocos said...

what about planetdan? His site still has a blog section that acts just like least with the comments.

Aaron said...

He's got the code to back it up. This code can't be found on your template.

If you'll notice in your template, there are a bunch of function calls. This means that those lines of code are calling on other lines of code in other documents to perform a task. I'm not saying that it's not possible, you just have to have all the code to back up the function calls.

totalvo said...

I think you have to make a hybrid site.. website and blog part on the site.. if anyone here is a mac user ( which you should be) please google RAPID WEAVER... i love this program.. i am switching my blog out and building my new site with this software.. it is really easy to use