Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I WON!!!!

I won this cook book off of ebay!
Isn't it exciting?
Only $5!

In the spirit of the Weight Watcher's Cards, i have decided to expand my horizons, and learn how to cook -

Unbeknownst to Josh, i am going to be cooking out of this lovely Betty Crocker cook book circa 1964! When liver was GOOD for you, and everyone wanted to own a microwave!

I can't wait!!
Anyone want to come over and try out some recipes? I bet there's some GOOD ones in there!

I've decided to make one a week - and will do a regular post on the delicious foods young people starting out were eating back in good ole 1964! I hope it's chalk full of colorful photos!!!!

I can't wait!


Paul said...

Shit! Cassie, after reading Amber's comment from your google post I remembered that a loco moco is a crazy Hawaiian dish/melange. It's pretty famous there. Did you already know this? Am I really excited about something that was sooo 20th century? Anyhow, maybe you'll find a recipe for it in your new cookbook.

This and That said...

I think I have that cookbook, right next to the 'Joy of Cooking' one my mother gave me! We'll come over for some 1964 grub.I'll even bring the TV trays to eat off of. Who said liver isn't good for you?

Amber said...

Paul, I had no idea, and then I ran across all the stuff about Loco moco sandwiches-uh-things. It looks disgusting to me. My challenge to you, Cassie and try to make a vegetarian Loco Moco, then I'll come over for dinner

Kurt C said...

Liver is *always* good for you... especially with onions and worcestishire sauce. I'm getting hungry.

Amber said...

Did you know the comment thing on your photo blog doesn't seem to work? Is that on purpose? I actually posted something but it doesn't show up unless you click ON comments.

locomocos said...

hhmmm.... i'lll check it out...

and DUH! i should just ask KURT about some good recipes for liver!!!

i saw that loco moco thing, and i agree with Amber. it looks disgusting. i would rather make spam musubi...it looks a lot better.....

haha! TV trays! I should get some of those! We ate off those all the time!

locomocos said...

okay. i think i fixed the comments on the photo blog.

this is where i will post a lot of the scanned pics i am currently doing - so you will be able to save which ever ones you want. i will only post the GOOD ones on my Loco Mocos site! whuuahahahahahahaha!!!

i have created a link to the picture blog right above Planetdan! i'll let you know when it's been updated with cool stuff!

Aaron said...

You should see if you can find yourself a vintage Radarange to cook your sixties meals in. One of those stand-up, water-cooled, 700 pound 'home units' would work.

Denny said...

i thought loco mocos were crazy boogers