Thursday, September 01, 2005

Report: Boxed Sets turns viewer into Hermit Crab Zombie

Okay. I can't seem to get enough of the HBO miniseries - Six Feet Under.

I have rented the first 3 seasons and have been watching them non-stop. I'm addicted. I just got through season 3 - and season 4 hasn't even come out on DVD yet!!! What am I going to do? I have to know what happens to Nate!!! His wife's body was just found, and he showed up beaten to a pulp at Brenda's door!!!
Claire just had an abortion and hasn't told ANYONE about it, except Brenda!!! What happened to geeky confused Russell??
Where will Keith and David's relationship go? Anywhere? Is Keith going to resolve his anger problems, and is David going to take him back?
Not to mention Ruth! She just got married to some guy she's known for 7 weeks!!! To the guy in BABE!!! Is it even going to work?
And what about Rico? He just cheated on his wife who is clinically depressed!!! What's he going to do?

GOSH!!! I can't wait for next season to come out. This show is sucking my brain straight into it! A ZOMBIE I tell you!!! I have watched them straight through for the last few weeks. I've been addicted. Staying up too late, not getting any work done on the weekends, avoiding going out or over to anyone's house - OBSESSED.
I'm kinda glad I have to wait for season 4. Now I won't be such a hermit crab anymore.
also, I won't have nightmares about dying.

I had this nightmare that I died in a car crash, but I didn't know I was dead. So I went over to kurt's house, and he had to run a 'test' on me (with his timing light) to determine my vitality (no checking my pulse!). So of course he had to break it to me. Then I proceeded to call all of my friends and family to inform them that I had died and I wasn't coming back. PLUS I had a giant hole in my head from the accident that kept oozing brain and blood.
basically I looked like one of the deceased from Six Feet Under that they ususally talk to while embalming them. I still had my wounds, but instead of David, Nate or Rico imagining me, everyone could see me. I was hiding my hole with my hair. It worked a little. For some reason I couldn't get to my funeral - which meant I couldn't rest but might have to walk the earth rotting (I actually think that was a twilight zone episode....). It was pretty scary and sad. I woke up crying.

I decided that Six Feet Under should not be watched all at once. There was a reason why it was on once a week.
Nightmares about death.


Aaron said...

Wow, I guess nobody likes six feet under. I thought it was ok, especially when Claire was hanging out with that hot lesbian girl that was in American Beauty.

I've never had a dream that freaky. At least you got to call everybody and tell them you were dead.

locomocos said...

yeah. apparently this report isn't as shocking as others i have posted.

it was HORRIBLE calling all my friends and family! i was crying the whole time! yuck!!

and i thought the conversation on THIS post was going to be more interresting than on the stinky jewelry post!!!

Aaron said...

you never can tell. The comments on my Advert post didn't have anything to do with advertising.

Aaron said...

Did you call me? Did I say that I'd see you in hell?