Monday, September 26, 2005

Wet Hot American Masterpiece

title by: Planetdan

But he was certainly right.
Wet Hot American Summer is awesome. I won't do a movie review on it, because if i say it's awesome, then by jingle - RENT THIS FILM.

My friend Kaila kept trying to get me to watch it and i kept putting it off and off. i thought it would be some dumb Anchorman movie or something, even though it had Janeane Garaffalo and Paul Rudd in it. But lo and behold, when i finally did rent this movie out of sheer boredom, i was so pleasantly suprised, i sat in stupified realization that this is one of the greatest comedic satires ever made.

Yes, this movie is dumb. Yes, this movie is absurd. Yes, this movie pure genius.

This is a cult classic, my friends. Meatballs, EAT YOUR HEART OUT!!!!

Some people won't understand it's subtle humor that is not apparent on the surface. The humor in that this movie was a total joke to make, and it only took like a week to film. If you don't like this movie, fine. You obviously enjoy the "finer" things in life. Just don't coutner this post with some comment like, "It's no Dumb and Dumber," or ,"Did you ever see that movie, Old School? Now that was funny!" or pretty much anything with Will Farrell or Jim Carrey (before The Truman Show).

So if you're feeling like getting in a night of good laughs, rent this movie. Don't wait for it to repeat on Comedy Central - RENT IT TONIGHT. You will laugh your ass off, and be glad you did.

And if you're up for a companion movie to enhance your satiric comedy evening, then by all means rent Psycho Beach Party as well! Notice Claire from Six Feet Under is our main character!


Denny said...

I shall consider it on my list ! By the way I will be checking out the Sci fi museum tomorrow per you recomendation also as I am working in Seattle all week. Hopefully there wont be any earthquakes or natural disasters. No matter though I will not be riding the monorail.

Aaron said...

You have got to be kidding! You run down everything Will Farrell does, you say that Jim Carrey played well in 'the truman show', and then you say that some cheesy movie from the 80's that went straight to TV is some kind of masterpiece?

I agree that neither Will Farrell or Jim Carrey scream talent, but Janeane Garaffalo is NOT an actress.

Paul Rudd IS a good actor though, and he was in Anchorman!! HAHA!

locomocos said...

let's just say Paul Rudd is better friends with Steve Carell than with Will Farrell.

And this is NOT an 80s move. this was made as a SPOOF about 80s movies. this movie was made in like 2003 (i can't remember). And if you think that Will Farrell IS and actor and Janeane is NOT, then i'd hate to see your video collection!!!

and why are you bagging on this film if you've never seen it? hmm....maybe you're SCARED!!!!!

Good luck at the Sci-Fi museum, and i wished i would've know you were going, Denny! i have a free ticket the the Experience Music Project right next door!!!

Aaron said...

Will somebody please define the term 'indie' for me as it relates to motion pictures.

locomocos said...

independent film:
-Movies created without the backing of a major film studio.
-An independent film (or indie film) is a film produced without the support of a major movie studio or a big budget. Creative, business, and technological reasons have all contributed to the growth of the indie film scene in the late 20th and early 21st century.

Kurt C said...

Someone wants to talk shit about Janeane Garofalo, but can't spell her name. Yeah.

Aaron said...

That's funny, because I didn't really know how to spell her name. So, being lazy, I just copied and pasted from the original post written by Cas. Yeah. Dork.

locomocos said...

Make like a tree and get outta here!

Leaf my spelling alone!!!

locomocos said...

ooooooooohhhhhhh god!