Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Best. Museum. Ever.

Fine. All the negative feedback from possibly one of my greatest ideas ever - i will change the subject from WWGD.

But not too much.

When in Seattle we all went to the Science Fiction Museum.
It was damn cool!
It was especially cool if you're even the tiniest bit in to SciFi at all. I mean, there was memorabilia in there from every SciFi show, book, movie, and toy!!! it was AWESOME!!!! I think my favorite parts were the captain's chair from Star Trek, the stillsuit used in Dune and all the robots. I really want to check out their website for their book list so i can start beefing up on my suprisingly limited knowlege of SciFi.

Equally as awesome was the (blue) building it was in. It was connected to the Experience Music Project (bronze) which we didn't have time to see, and the monorail station. I thought it was pretty cool that the monorail was built in the 60's but never caught on. I wonder what the hold up was. Can you imagine a city with a monorail for it's main mode of transportation? Cooler than the subway, cooler than the L train, the MONORAIL just makes me want to sing that song in the Simpsons!

Oh. and we also watched some pidgeons poop from atop a rafter dangerously close to unsuspecting tourists. Can't forget that!


S E E Quine said...

` I'm from near Seattle. I never went to the Sci Fi museum but my boyfriend took his cousin there... he had many nerd-gasms, apparently.
` I really, really want to go!!! I've never been able to get to it because the streets don't make any sense.
` And not to sound cynical, but the monorail sucks. All it does is take tourists from one end of the tourist strip to the other. That's its main purpose.
` Not sure why it isn't integrated any further, but part of it probably has to do witht the fact that severe earthquakes and trains on bridges = much falling and repairs.

locomocos said...

earthquakes! yikes!!! okay. now i understand!

and yes. i was severely disappointed when i got on the monorail and i only got to ride it for 5 minutes. literally. i don't even know if it took THAT long!!!

i won't be spending another $3.50 on that sucker! - you know - next time i'm there!

Denny said...

You know it just figures. I will be in Seattle this weekend instead of last weekend. Me thinks I must check out the sci fi museum. Good call Cass.

Denny said...

However, I think I will pass on the monorail. Are there that many earthquakes in Seattle or do I really live under an rock or somthing ?

Aaron said...

If you like monorails, you need to go to Japan. They like them over there too. You should become a member of this club.

S E E Quine said...

` The earthquakes are usually not so bad, though the Seattle area is different from all the other plate subduction zones in the world in that it hasn't undergone 'The Big One' (.9) yet!
` When that day comes, I should expect that Seattle will be much like New Orleans is now: It's a veritable spider-web of faults!
` I suppose I can only justify living out here because I'm in a less fault-ridden region than the Emerald City...