Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Ode To A-RON

In honor of Aaron putting up the moving kitty with the machine gun post, i have decided to openly express my appreciation on the internet, by taking time to post a picture of him diligently working on my blog. I openly admit that without his hours and hours of help, i could not blog where i am blogging today.

Thanks, Friend.


jason said...

Oh my god that is funny. Nice work! It's funny because it's true...he does love working on his mac. I particularly like the far away look in his eyes. True art...bravo.

locomocos said...

Yeah. Doesn't it look like he's about to cry? I mean, it means so much to him to work on that mac, and look at a picture of me......................

Aaron said...

You guys are both right. It makes me misty eyed just looking at that piece of 'art'. Cas, you know I was thinking of you when they took that picture. I wasn't thinking about a forehand winner down the line, I was thinking of how I could improve the unimprovable - Loco Mocos.

You also know that I'm a closet Macophelliac. I love to sit at my neighborhood starbucks with my ibook, my grande double half caf mocha latte with skim milk, and my picture of you thinking of how to make your blog more multicultural, environmentally friendly, ethnically diverse, socially redistributed, and equal opportunity.

jason said...

Sarcasm (sar'kaz em) N. 1. harsh or bitter derision or irony. 2. a sharply ironical taunt; sneering or cutting remark. 3. See Aaron's last comment.

lol....that was the funniest thing I've read in awhile. I think I soiled myself. I'd better check to be sure. Again, funny ass shit.

Oh yeah, I'm not sure that sarcasm qualifies as irony, but that's what Webster said.