Tuesday, September 20, 2005

The Baja is no more

Well, i got my new phone.

As many of you know, my Subaru Baja phone was stolen from me 2 weeks ago. i was INNOCENTLY sitting outside on my stoop and completely FORGOT to grab my purse when i went inside, and some horrible HESSIAN that look much like this:
Chose to steal my purse before i could come back outside to claim it.

Inside of my bag were of course my keys, wallet, my subaru baja , my make-up, my brush, and my brain (schedule book). So after a brief freak out, I was able to come back to work and get a replacement phone. Luckily for me, the i58 is no longer in service (because it sucks my azz) and so they had to do an "upgrade" - which initially was like only $25 more than the other phones. Of course NOW it's the same price. So this new phone is still big and klunky, but at least it isn't yellow (to find in the mud) and have a ridiculous battery pack on the back, making it almost impossible to fit inside a compact purse.

There is text messaging, color and a picture and EVERYTHING!!!! Yes. I do not hate my new phone as much as i did the last phone. in fact, i think it's rather cute. and i can still drop it all over the place, cause it has exterior rubber that makes it bounce!! haha!!!!


Aaron said...

That looks like the same cocksucker who ran off with Jason's cd's. I think he bit through the window on his car and took them right out.

locomocos said...

I knew it!!!!
That guy has been all OVER town!!!

i should send this picture to the police. Think they'd believe me?

"But Sir!!! i swear this is what the guy who broke into my apartment looked like!!!"