Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Avast ye scurvey chumbuckets!!!


Okay. i'm a little late. i happened to remember WHILE SLOSHIN' A GROG OF YER MOTHERS TEET!!!
But did everyone remember their eye patches?


Anonymous said...

Darn......I forgot to buckle my swash!! Someone should have told me.


Aaron said...

ARRRR, matey! I've been out to sea for too long, I be needin to get me hands on some booty! ARRRR!

Aaron said...

I heard you like to Slosh and Grog teets. It's ok with me.

locomocos said...

I heard ye like to swizzle bungholes.

Aaron said...

Ahoy thar! The only bungholes i be swizzlin are the ones I pillaged from your booty!

Aaron said...