Friday, August 05, 2005

Sushi makes my tummy smile....

I just got back from lunch!
Oh how delectable sushi for lunch really is!

I had a spider roll, a shredder roll, and some unagi. Yum Yum Yum.

So my questions for you:
Why doesn't everyone love sushi?

Here are the top ten WORST reasons i've heard that people don't like sushi:

10. they make it with their hands

Whatev. You use the 7-11 bathroom, and think that a 5 second wash in the sink is gonna clean those germs up?

9. i don't like fish/i'm a vegatarian.

C'mon. There are meatless and fishless sushi and rolls out there. AND THEY RAWK!

8. i can't use chop sticks

What? How old are you? Pick it up with your fingers, dork!!

7. sushi doesn't fill me up, and i want a REAL meal!!!

Ummm....did you SEE how tight my pants have gotten over the years? I attest that to sushi.
......(okay, and beer).
Actually, sushi is a really healthy alternative food. You wonder why all japanese people are as thin as bamboo!! haha!!!

6. sushi is too expensive.

Well, yes - everyday. But there are a lot of places out there that have sushi happy hours that have $1 rolls!! Sign me UP!!!!

10. i only eat american

you suck and are boring and i'm glad i don't hang out with you on a regular basis.

4. Sushi is for yuppies.

die yuppie scum? i mean, isn't it about time we found out what all the hub bub was about in the 80's? i mean, we sure dress better, and listen to better music. but seriously - if i eat sushi i'm a yuppie? Because it tastes GOOD? so if you go to Krispy Kreme, are you considered a yuppie, also? NO!! Just a FAT AMERICAN!!!

3. wasabi and ginger? WTF is that? why would i put that green stuff on my food voluntarily?

Grow up, guacamole lovers! So it's okay if it comes from Mexico and you can put it on your fast food hamburger? You can put wasabi on there too. and it has a helluva lot more kick than anything they have south of the border.....

2. I don't like sea weed.

Boo. don't eat it.

1. Ewww!!! Gross!!! Raw Fish!!! I just couldn't eat it!

the #1 reason.
Give me a break. not everything at your local sushi bar is raw. it's okay to eat a properly cooked raw steak? HELLO? You can get cooked sushi, or eat the rolls which have small pieces of fish in them - so you don't even notice. Or order the unagi (eel - and i don't want to hear ANYTHING on that one from you calamari lovers) which is cooked and is more tender than a portabello mushroom.

Bottom line. Try it with a true sushi lover. they will guide you to a wonderful experience that i GUARANTEE will leave you swimming in "sushi bliss". And if you don't like it, don't deny your friends the opportunity to go eat it. ALL sushi bars have teryaki chicken, shrimp, tempura and beef dishes, just like your local CHINESE FOOD $1 A SCOOP restaurants, but better.

Speaking of fun sushi stuff, check out these cute USB files:

Makes me hungry all over again!!!!


Anonymous said...

OK how would you know something is more tender than a portabello mushroom? You HATE mushrooms. Hmmm very interesting.....meow

Aaron said...

Ya, the eel might be more tender than a portabello mushroom, but I bet it is a thousand times slimier.

locomocos said...


Eel is not slimy. It is not rubbery. It is AWESOME.

it is also an aphrodisiac -
which makes it equal to


yum yum yum yum yum

Amber said...

I do not ever think I'll agree with you about the eel=chocolate thing there. I can think of a plethora of romantic ways to eat chocolate with a loved one, and not one, with eel. Gross, not me, and I do love sushi, but not eel! In fact I find your comparison sacrilegious.