Friday, August 19, 2005

Obviously, you're not a golfer.....

This morning, for some reason, i feel like this:

I know it's Friday, but i just want to hang out in my bathrobe, and write a check to purchase half and half at Ralph's.

Does that make sense?




Aaron said...

The dude abides.

locomocos said...

your picture is crooked!

Aaron said...

no, my picture is sideways.

Amber said...

Are you the Aaron that posted on my LJ?

Amber said...

by the way, were you able to get your tickets?

locomocos said...

haha! you remember Pigskin, don't you? hahaha!!!!

i was able to get my ticket! i forwarded my info to you, but if you didn't get it, let me know! i will re send it!!

Amber said...

I got the info,
so maybe Aaron's pic. is sideways so he can smile at you like you smile for guys in English class.

locomocos said...

that sounded like a crooked comment to me!!!!!


Aaron said...

Amber - I am that Aaron! Cas was telling me about the OpenID problem when trying to post on other blog sites. I also tried to post a piece of HTML code, and it didn't work either - so you can't insert a link to other sites. I haven't tried it on blogger yet, so here goes:


Write a message to blogspot asserting pressure on them to go with OpenID.

amber said...

You must have some vendetta?

locomocos said...

Heck yes!!!

Open ID for ALL!!!

Down with The RICH!!!

Sydney Carton RULZ!!!

amber said...

who the hell is Sidney Carton?
Oh, wait was that the guy in the Tale of Two Cities movie that we adored over the hero?
hmmm, open id
I'm still trying to figure out what cult of Three that I'm trying to get into.

locomocos said...

The secret THE THREE.

Check it out at the top of my blog, under my Profile!

YOU TOO could be there!

And Jade needs to get a blog too!!!