Tuesday, August 16, 2005


I've found the perfect pet!!!

His name will be Merle. He will never leave my shoulder (especially when i wear my beer hat.....)!!!

I am now.....


and you all know how long i've wanted a squirrel!!!

Only like - FOREVER.

i bet we'll get free beer at the bars, at festivals, heck, i bet ANYWHERE!!!!



kurt c said...

You think that squirrel likes to drink beer? No, it likes to chew straws. Keep the dream alive... but a squirrel would make, hands down, the worst pet ever. Unless you like your apartment torn to shit at all times. Which means a squirrel could live with me and nobody would know the difference. "Bachelor pad squalor." Ugh.

kurt c said...

you don't even own a beer hat!

locomocos said...

for your information -
my Foam Doam happens to be sitting in my mother's basement. out of all the stuff she saved from when i was a young kid on crack - she thought the Foam Doam should be preserved. It's sitting next to all my Cabbage Patch Kids. Isn't that right, mom? i believe you even moved it to the new house!!!

And just because you like to kill squirrels with tennis racquets doesn't mean you are the authority on whether or not a squirrel would make a good pet. Sounds more like you think they would make a good stew!!!


charlie aka leslie said...

hahaha! i am going to have to agree with kurt on this one. a squirrel would be by far the worst pet ever. don't you remember when a squirrel so crazed to get the cake that was smeared on kristin's window literally chewed through the metal wiring. it was hard to tell if the white froth at his mouth was cake frosting or foam. by the way, i love your blogg page!

Amber said...

Kurt, have you never seen Foamy the Squirrel!? C'mon, they are not pets, but humans can be pets for them. As long as you give them bagels with creamy cheese.

Mom said...

Sorry Cassie, the beer hat didn't make the move. And by the way, the squirrel, bring him over, Vince and him would get along great!!