Friday, August 26, 2005

I am not alone.


The Dude, in the back seat of a taxicab that rocks and squeaks with every bump, is gingerly touching at sore spots on his face and scalp.

"Peaceful Easy Feeling" is on the radio.

DUDE'S POVThe back of the driver, a large black man with rasta dreds under a knit cap.

DUDE Jesus, man, can you change the station?

DRIVER Fuck you man! You don't like my fucking music, get your own fucking cab!

DUDE I've had a--

DRIVER I pull over and kick your ass out, man!

DUDE --had a rough night, and I hate the fucking Eagles, man--

DRIVER That's it! Outta this fucking cab!

So what's the big deal with the Eagles, man?
My co-worker was listening to her crappy pop station that plays anything from The Ramones to Neil Diamond. They are listing the top 50 albums of all time this week (yikes...i would hate to see THAT list) and my co-worker actually starts singing.....
So of course i ask her what the fuck is she doing, and of course she replies with 'singing along to the greatest band ever'.
The who?????

I prefer Jethro Tull (an as A-ron knows, i hate them too) over the fucking Eagles!!! i mean, at least that Jethro Tull guy has an excuse and did alot of magic mushrooms at the renaissance festival, which led him to believe that the flute was an intregal part of a rock band - but The Eagles??? All of their songs sound the same!!

I just don't get it. There were plenty of other bands that came out in the 70's with a better sound, and more creativity than The fucking Eagles (which is how i ALWAYS refer to them...never without their middle name....)!!!
Yes. i will admit, i didn't care much for the decade of the Swaggering Sounds of the Seventies - but around '76 some really awesome sounds started to emerge from the punk, rock and new wave venues!!! you can't say ALL of that decade was crap!! And let's not forget the good rockers of the 60's were still going strong like Led Zepplin, The Who, Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd (i know i'm leaving some out, but i don't have ALL day). But everything else was CRAP (as if it weren't scottish or something!!!).

But i digest. i just don't understand people's music tastes. i mean seriously. How could anyone think the fucking Eagles were the best band ever?


Amber said...

The Fucking Eagles do suck. Again I am reminded that you have superb taste. I think that the list of worst band/albums of all time would be largely filled by music from the 70s. mmm, and probably the 90s too. After that you pretty much have to stop counting or taking notice because there is so much crap out in the 00s that we can't even qualify "worst" anymore.

locomocos said...

i agree with you on all points. and thank you for sharing with my extremely good taste in music!!!