Thursday, August 18, 2005

hello. my name is Cassie......and I'm a D-aholic!!!

Friends -

It's true.
I, yes I am obsessed with Tenacious D.
i watch the collected masterpeices over and over when i'm home alone. i know all the songs (including the ones not on the CD!), and all the espisodes by heart. I am ...... like Lee.
But they haven't written a song about me yet.

now. As we analyze this site, please take note of the photographer, Joe B***.
Friends, this man is actually in the Complete Masterworks DVD which i own. You know what's even more scary? is that when i was going to school at CSU, my roommate and i used to go to this bar with dollar wells for the ladies on Thursdays. So we were haning out and this really wierd 80's dude starts hitting on her and buying us drinks (she was a blonde bostonian with sorority girl looks and the mouth and attitude of a swarthy sailor! she is AWESOME!!!) anyways - sorry.
So this long haired guy wearing a bad multi colored button up silk shirt from 1992 is all into my roomie (who has a boyfriend) and since i'm with her, I'm drinking for free! (of course it's only a dollar....but it's the principle!!!). Well, this guy has a buddy he's out with who is this big blond guy with a viking hat on. As we start talking, we are both completely uninterrested, but the more we chat he starts laughing all over the place! he repeatedly was saying things like, 'WOW!!! i didn't know you were so cool!!!'. Which at the time i was thinking - 'No shit asshole! i'm not some college bimbo you can score with tonight!'

To make a long story short, he actually turned out to be a nice guy and i ended up wearing the viking hat with HORNS all evening and probably drinking $20 worth of drinks!

He was touring as a roadie with 3-11 (which when the two guys told me and my roomie that when they first came over, we pretended like we only listened to country music and had never heard of them) and was only in town for the next couple of evenings. Right?

So here's where the psycho part comes in (you didn't think there wasn't going to be one - did you?)
My roomie gave him our digits - don't ask me why - so the dude was calling me for like 3 weeks, 5 times a day (i'm NOT exaggerating) leaving messages, email addresses, statements of devotion, etc. He was saying things like he wanted me to come visit him at his house in Seattle, and blah blah blah......
well, you know how that ended.
Remember that scene in Swingers when he's calling that girl's answering machine repeatedly? You know when she finally answers? It was like that.

"Joe? Never call me again."

So when i saw him on my D dvd, i about peed my pants! i kept rewinding it, and laughing. i ended up emailing my old roomie in Boston and she quickly rehashed the whole evening (she LOVED the viking hat) and the phone dodging sessions. CLASSIC. To think - that if i had stayed friends with that psycho, i might actually be six degrees of separation from JACK BLACK!!!

Ahhhh......what a dream boat!!!

Where was i?

Oh yeah. I'm obsessed with Tenacious D.

here's another website, incase you're obsessed too. it's really good and has alot of pics from the HBO series!!!!


Amber said...

How about the power of flight,
tha's levitation homes.
I'm becoming more so, I have lyrics stuck in my head all day lately.
And, really it just makes me feel like I'm hanging out with you.

locomocos said...

yeah. after you sent me that email the other day with the subject line: That's Telekenisis, Kyle!
i had to go home and watch some episodes, after i put my D cd in my radio here at work!!!!

i was thinking about jack black in high fidelity, with that special monday mix tape....

i need to do that next monday....

Amber said...

I was just thinking about that movie, it was great, and my intro to Mr. Black's talent.

Aaron said...

Mr. Black is a talented performer. Not counting 'School of Rock'.