Thursday, February 01, 2007

I could totally be on 'The Apprentice'

Peace Corps Meeting 2

So I’ve turned in my fingerprints, background release form, and recommendations – next step is a second interview!

Tuesday morning I head down to the Denver HQ and talk with my recruiter. She asked me some of the same questions you would ask in a job interview, cause hey, it’s a job. I think I did really well as they were questions like this:

Tell me about a time you had difficulty supervising someone, and how you managed it.
~ I kicked him in the balls and then I fired him.

Tell me how you deal with stressful situations.
~ I drink mass quantities of booze

Have you ever had to change your appearance for a position you were in?
~ If someone doesn’t like my appearance, I smite them.

Have you ever had to teach someone something new, and they were unresponsive?
~ My boyfriend still cannot close the shower curtain after he’s done. I’ve failed.

What do you do when you get angry or frustrated at work with a co-worker?
~ I punch them in the nose and then use my pepper spray.

She seemed to relate to most of these responses, and told me that I still needed a reference from a volunteer supervisor and an evaluation from a Spanish teacher to determine what level I am at. Since I never took Spanish in school (I learned from Guatemalans and Hondurans – so it’s pretty sketchy) I have enrolled in a Spanish Immersion workshop through Colorado Free University. It should be pretty fun. I know absolutely NO grammar, so we’ll see if I can reach a level 1. I’m studying my butt off at home out of an old textbook….

So where it sits: If I reach a Spanish level 1, my recruiter said she could nominate me for a position in Central/South America (I don’t know where) leaving in September. If they don’t accept my Spanish skills, I will most likely be sent to French speaking Africa. Yikes. Although there are a FEW programs she can look up in Eastern Europe. We’ll meet again to determine where I go if SA doesn’t work out.

Current situation: I’ve had an orientation with Volunteers of America (most likely Meals on Wheels, but they did ask me to design a play ground next month), and I’m studying Spanish. I’m also currently looking for a place to live, as we are getting the boot from our house. Our land ladies want us to sign another year lease, as opposed to the month to month verbal contract they had agreed to a couple months ago. So Josh has a new pad, and I’m looking to get rid of ALL my junk and living out of a suitcase in some cheap apartment. Sound fun? Looks like I’ll be living in a 3rd world country a little earlier than anticipated.

At least I have an air mattress.


this and that said...

wow....that's a lot of info in one entry. first, so sorry about the house. we have some storage in our garage/place where we shove all the shit we plan on selling someday, if you need to put things. (we won't sell it, promise). as far as your interview with the Peace Corps I would cram the espanol and hope for Latin America. Unless of course France is having issues since we nasty americans don't like anything french because they were right about Iraq. Hey, there is another country in dire need of peace and a corps.
Personally for one brief instant when I was doing all my HIV work I wanted to go work in Africa but never materialized and ended up at the GMHC in NYC. I wish you the best and am glad people like you still want to do this work. (Can you blog from West Africa?) It would be awful to deprive us of your wit!

Blackpetunia said...

Wow, wowwow, How did I miss this post, I was focused on the cat with the scarf. We need to talk! So many things! wow.

locomocos said...

I'll be able to post. I'm sure this blog will turn into an online journal during that time - although i'm not sure how many blogs i'll be able to read. I've heard that depending on where you're located, you have internet access on weekends (when you go into town!)

Thanks for the offer on storing stuff. I'm really stressed about it. I'm sure everything will go smoothly once I get my shit together!

2 Dollar Productions said...

Don't you just love interviews? If anyone told the truth to the questions being asked nobody would have a job.

Good luck.

S E E Quine said...

` KEWL!!! Good luck!