Thursday, February 01, 2007

Snowy Day Haikus

How I love pancakes.
Buttery and golden brown.
A son back from war.

Corndogs are the best.
Ketchup only please, Thank you.
Birds of a feather.

Why is it snowing?
I long for warmth and sunshine.
A land shark at sea.

I want a scooter
Must save money for Peace Corps
A dried up stream bed

Why is my work dull?
I have plenty to do here.
A lazy squrirrel.


thisand that said...

did you partake in some of the LSD spiders stash. if so, that was awesome. I no nothing about poetry...let alone haikus. pass the ketchup.

caffeinator_x said...

Haiku For Fonzie (In traditional 5-7-5 sylable form)

SNAP! The fingers CRACK!
And all the pretty girls go
Haiku for Fonzie

Thank you. I'll be here all night.

Blackpetunia said...

I love ketchup. Spicy ketchup is even better. It clears out your sinuses while thrilling your pallate.
I need to get this book for Darla. Everytime I see that cat I think of her.
Alas, they cost too much!

locomocos said...

oooo! Fonzie poems? That one made me laugh out loud! LOVE IT!

i remember reading that one of the forms of haiku had to have a metaphor as the last line. like summing up your feelings in the fist two lines with a metaphor creating a mental image with nature. hence all the goofy last lines in my haikus. i don't know if this is accurate. everyone seems to have their own rules....

locomocos said...

here's one about today:

Wheat Pasta is Gross
Healthy be damned! I want taste!
A Mill of Sawdust.

Aaron said...

Haikus are easy
They don't even have to make sense

jason said...

Almost did it well
one too many syllables
nice try though, old chap

Anonymous said...

This is timely--you guys should submit:

Gnarls Barkley is conducting a haiku contest on the band's official website,

The poem can be based on the following themes: Solitude, Pineapple, or some mixture of both.

The winning haiku will be chosen by A.B. Vidal, Chief Exectuve of St. Elsewhere (a.k.a. Emerson Dameron, a college friend of Danger Mouse).

According to the website post, Mr. Vidal writes "I reserve the right to be as arbitrary as I like in my decision-making. Enter as many times as you like. The winner will receive an as-yet undisclosed prize."

Many creations have already been posted, such as the following by James Peace Coleman: "In This Lonely World ... all i see are pineapples ... scurrying blindly."

For more information or to post your haiku, visit


This and That said...

my blog is empty
comments needed, so few
to be seen


Denny said...

thoughts that are frazzled
way too much time spent online
oh look, a new post

S E E Quine said...

That is amazing!
Denny made a new blog post!
Different story here.

Cassie your haikus
Are really super and neat
Warm and cozy too!