Thursday, February 08, 2007

Fresh Meat!!!

This hilarious, satirical website has kept me entertained for hours on end at work. Bravo LPCS!

About Being a Chad

You’ve got the looks, you’ve got the money. What else do you need? Well, a good car, a “tight” condo and a trophy wife. You were born with good looks and daddy gave you a trust fund. Now it’s time to live in Lincoln Park and live how everybody else wants to live.

About Trixie

Trixies can be found in packs of 4 – 6. You can spot Trixie packs by their loud obnoxious talking and white-girl dancing. Trixies sport Seven/Citizen jeans, cute frilly tops, trendy purses like Louis Vuitton Pouchettes or Speedys , Gucci Pouchettes, or Allison Burns’ bags. Kate Spade bags are so out, only defective Trixies carry these. Tilli’s on Halsted is a great resting ground for Trixies.

Check out the 'Slumming, Wicker Park' entry. It was great!!!


S E E Quine said...

` Awesome!!! I love making fun of stereotypes! And this is the shizznet!!!

(BTW, my computer might be working now! *crosses fingers*)

Denny said...

"The thing is, though, they fit into the scenester category perfectly, trying so hard to not fit in that they conform".

Classic ! great site Cas