Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Livin' Evita Loco

I am only a simple woman, people!!!

My boss has got me working my AZZ off, so in honor of not being able to post, not being able to read other blogs, and more importantly, not being able to eat my lunch, I will leave you this funny onion opinions page! It made me laugh out loud, as I identify with all 3 views.

The Onion

Student-Loan Interest Cut

The House of Representatives voted to cut interest rates on certain student loans last week. What do you think?

Notice that they said *certain* student loans. This will most likely end up not being ANY of my loans, and I will therefore be more like the second opinion guy (referee) more and more. I've already deferred for 3 years, and my loans will still accrue interest while in the Peace Corps. Boo.
Stupid Edukashun. What did you ever do fo me?

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this and that said...

my understanding of student loans is that during peace corps or america corps type work they are deferred with no interest accrued. Then when you get out, you receive some money off of them for having been in the corps. I deferred initially for 2 years, but now am saving the 3rd year for an emergency. Whatever happens, I am on the pay til I die plan thanks to my masters! Both the high cost of education and health care are very sore subjects for me right now!