Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Loco Mocos Goes Beta

Well Folks -

I've done it.

I have finally switched to Beta.

No more annoying adds to 'Switch Now!' No more trouble with uploading photos! No more trouble with posting!!! (cross your fingers!)

You want to know why I was in the dark ages? (haha! thanks quine!)

Apparently my blog had been too big to switch over. I tried and tried and FINALLY this morning I got so mad that my pictures wouldn't post, that I tried again.

So what are some of the cool things about Beta? I mean, what's the point? Easier to post? Does it save bandwidth? What is bandwidth? Anyone? Bueller?


Aaron said...

The Beta version is a much slicker operation. It's much more reliable and much quicker. Authentication can be a pain though, I guess there are still some bugs to work out.

2 Dollar Productions said...

I resisted the switch forever, and ignored Blogger's giant banners asking me every single time I logged in to swtich over. So, maybe I'm not the best judge.

It's been OK so far, but I haven't experimented with it beyond the traditional things (although pics do seem to upload better which is great)

And happy belated birthday.

Josh said...

Nice Picture! : )
You looks so beautiful in green.

S E E Quine said...

` Yes! I like picture! You are green with envy perhaps?

` I like the new blogger because I don't have to screw with unfamiliar HTML as much and it's faster. Weirdly I had no problems switching my giant blog over.
` Man, hope everything bloggy works out well!