Tuesday, November 07, 2006


Kurt just sent me an email saying that his boss told him he would 'get the gold star' for the day for diffusing some situation at work (he is a TSA airport screener). But where is this star? Did his boss ever follow through with this boast?
Is there a pay raise involved? No?
Well, in honor of Kurt 'Taking Control of the Situation' and 'Not Narcing out his Teammates' at work, I have created this award for him. Good Job, Kurt! I am proud of you! Especially since we are destined to go into a hollywood partnership soon!

Why do you ask?
Well -
I had a Dream!
What kind of dream? Well, a couple nights ago, I dreamt about Kurt. And what a profitable dream it was. More like premonition, really.
My dream broke down like this:
I paid Kurt in beer to finish an assignment for me. I had to write a 31 page short story for school, and I didn't want to do it - so I paid Kurt to do it! So what happens? The story is a hit and people want to publish it, and they want to interview me (the author) on TV and stuff! So it turned into this weird Cyrano De Bergerac thing....
The story was an adventure swashbuckling story - like Treasure Island.
And then since 'I' was famous for the book - Kurt then used my new status of fame to introduce a new perfume he had created called Jennifer An Ass-ton - for 'bigger' girls. It was a hit, too. We were rolling in the dough. Kurt as the ideas man, me as the public figure/sales person. You know, like Madonna and her songwriter.
I think this dream was not so much as a dream, but a look into the future. A premonition.

People - this has everything to do with that fortune cookie I found in 1994!!!
Soon you will get the recognition you deserve!
It's about fucking time!
Soon - I will be on a gravy train with biscut wheels!

oh yeah - Kurt too.....


Amber said...

What a great dream, for you. I hope you're planning on sharing the money with Kurt. It's also cool that Kurt doesn't get in trouble, but rather, commended for not being a narc at work. Especially considering the TSA people are there to Narc on everything.

Aaron said...


You've just shattered my record. What do you want to lose it for? This is a Gran Torino looking at you.

Ya, it's good not to narc on the people you work with for silly stuff, but there's got to be a point where the S in TSA becomes a bigger responsibility.

Aaron said...

BTW, good luck with your writing and perfuming.

Anonymous said...

Just so you don't worry, aaron... what I was praised for was taking control of a situation and a prohibited item on our lane. Instead of running to a superior and ratting out people, I made sure something didn't make it onto the airplane. Things went haywire and I did my job. The "s" in tsa was well handled. Believe it or not, I'm actually good at what I do...

This and That said...

oh please share...what was the thing not let on the plane?

Anonymous said...

Congrats, Kurt! And Cassie, I'm glad you have dreams of your becoming productive. All I have dreams of about is weird stuff like a guy who randomly comes in and throws buckets of soup on people.

Anonymous said...

` BTW, I have my corn maze post up.

locomocos said...

Yes - what was it?

was it something in some guy's shoes?

Or was it like when I went to Vegas, and they took away my lipgloss (clear AND powder pink) making my lips chap the WHOLE flight, but left me on the plane with 4 Bic lighters!!!

This and That said...

maybe they felt the lipgloss didn't compliment your complexion.