Monday, November 13, 2006

Report: Sci-Fi Fantasy Movie seen as kid did not withstand the test of time.

This is not a new report. In fact, many of you have expressed the same sentiments regarding TV shows, cartoons, and old board games. This report is to reiterate the general consensus that you should never re-visit old movies, shows, etc you thought were really cool when you were 8 and try to watch them 20 years later.

Although I knew this from the Knight Rider viewing on USA in 1999, I was flipping through the channels at 2:30 am while drinking some 90 Shilling and Krull came on. I have recently deducted that is was the 90 Shilling that made me think, “Cool! Krull! Ooo! I can’t wait to watch this again! I haven’t seen it in years and it was AWESOME!”

Well friends, as most of you who have seen Krull – you would think the 90 Shilling might actually IMPROVE the movie if you aren’t 8 years old – but on second thought – even if you were 8 years old now – you’d probably think it was a stupid movie.

The tagline of Krull:
From the sky will come the Black Fortress. From the Fortress will come the Slayers to devour the planet of Krull. Then shall a girl of ancient name become queen...she shall choose a king...and together they shall rule the planet. And their son shall rule the galaxy.

Sounds pretty good so far? Just wait…

The synopsis of Krull:
A princess gets kidnapped by some weird alien things who’s leader wants to marry her. Her fiancĂ© finds the ultimate weapon – a crazy medieval ninja star – and together with a Cyclops, a guy that turns into a duck, and Liam Neeson, he goes to rescue the princess and save the planet of Krull.

They lycra is flying in this 1983 epic journey of a Prince, his buddies, and some hot chick running away from laser beams! It really makes me want to re-evaluate (NOT re-watch) Dragonslayer, Beastmaster, and Red Sonja.

But alas – I will stick to my guns and fondly remember them from 1985 as being some of the best adventure movies ever created!!!! And PLEASE – never stop on TBS, USA or WGN at 2:30 in the morning while drinking. You WILL regret it!

- i'm trying to upload some more hilarious pictures, but they'll have to wait until blogger can get it's shit together....i'll put them up later....


Aaron said...

Well Cas, I can't relate because I didn't think much of these movies when they were new.

Amber said...

Are you going to hang out with me on Friday and/or Saturday after Ts-giving? I'll be up in Denver Thu. night - Sat. morn.

This and That said...

Well I can't relate since I have never been into those kind of movies. I love Bowie and still couldn't sit through Labyrinth. BUT I married someone who loves this shite! To give him credit he did find some old He-man collection and that was hilarious. Who is the gay man who drew all those?

you know what else didn't stand the test of time is 'Say Anything'. Saw it yesterday and all was funny 80's flashback until the plot with the dad not paying his taxes kicked in. What was Cameron Crowe thinking? It's trying so hard to be John Hughes and then just loses me with the IRS BS. Best thing in it is Lily Taylor singing about 'Joe' at the party.

locomocos said...

Joe LIES!!!! When he cries.....

When he cries....

That'll Never be me That'll NEVER NEVER be me NOOOOOOOooooo!!!!


Anonymous said...

` OMG! 'Krull' is also called 'Dungeons and Dragons'? Weird! It's also considered to be one of the most underappreciated fantasy films of all time.
` By who, I don't know. I take it that you can't laugh at it like 'Evil Dead III' or whatever it's called. I mean, a guy that turns into a duck? That sounds like comedy gold!
` It must take itself really seriously, then. I've never even heard of it, though.

This and That said...

"and don't you even think about it"..........that song is comedy GOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A Guy that turns into a that what 'Howard the Duck' was about? never saw it, what was that studio head on when he okayed that film?

locomocos said...

I used to think Howard the Duck was an AWESOME movie!!!!

again - I won't re-watch it as I'm sure to be disappointed.

And A-ron, seriously. What movies DID you like as a kid, if they weren't crazy fantasy movies? C'mon - no Beastmaster? What about Beastmaster goes to L.A.?

I'd like to hear about some other stinkers that were well liked when everyone was 8!

This and That said...

you all weren't born yet when I was 8! But let me dust off the old memory and think about what I was saw at 8. Star Wars came out when I was 7, so I saw that around 14 times!!But that was not a stinker.

caffeinator_x said...

OOOhhhh... I got one. I borrowed the "Critters" DVD from a co-worker last night. It was a lot ssssllllllooowwwer than I remembered, but otherwise, it stood the test of time pretty well. It was initially written off as a "Gremlins" rip off, but people fail to realize it also borrows liberally from both the original Terminator and Ghostbusters! When will Spielberg et al. understand that no amount of computer animated wizardry will generate the same level of terror as a razor-toothed hand puppet.

It was cool right up until the end, when the Krites left behind a bunch of gestating eggs. Mammals don't lay eggs... Duh, so un-realistic.

You know what would have made Krull way cooler? If the "Glave" -the magical, mystical mcguffin that the hero went on his "heroes journey" to recover, that was splattered all over the print advertising, was used for something more than just cutting a hole in the a during the climax.

They killed "The Beast" by using a flame that the betrothed handed to one another in an aranged marriage at the beginning of the movie? WTF!

(and yeah, I really have been too busy to post -SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS!... I'm hearing rumblings about lipgloss, though?)

P.S... I LOVES me some Ho-ward, the Duck (huh!)Why did Jeffrey Jones have to go and be a pedophile?

jason said...

Howard the Duck was, not so much. Beastmaster I feel has withstood the test of time. I mean, C'mon, the dude could talk to ferrets. Some movies that haven't aged well:

Short Circuit "no disassemble Johhny 5!"

Police Academy (any)

Labyrinth (sorry, I actually bought this one and was severely disappointed....Bowie or no) p.s. "Dance Magic Dance" is the worst song in a movie....ever.

Tron (okay, I didn't even like it much as a kid, except for the light cycles)

Movies I still like:

Red Sonya (I'll still watch this one on tv, it's so damn campy)

Dragonslayer (I thought this one was pretty good)

Never Ending Story (nuff said)

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (I watch this about once every 2 weeks on tv...must drive Jade crazy)

Enemy Mine (good concept for a movie to teach kids not to be rascist)

locomocos said...

Enemy Mine! heck YESSSSS!!!

i completely forgot about that movie!!!

good list, jason!