Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Don't Forget to Hang Up Yr Sock!

Here it is! what you've all been waiting for!

Click here to view my gift list on

I know my name is on all your lists for presents this year! Especially with such a hard birthday coming up next week! Boo!!!

So if you're feeling particularly sorry for me, you can feel free to look at my wish list and purchase something for me!

Or one of the items on the attached picture list would be fine as well.......


bt said...

what hard Bday would that be?? I turned 30 last may and I did not shrivel up into a prune, so what makes you think that you will at 29? or is it 28?

any how...

so, I need to know in the next couple days, are we invading st Louis on the newyear or what? cause if we are not going to bug TomBer then I needs to know, cause if no then I will be headed to Chicago... Let me know O' lady who returns her calls not



Anonymous said...

Invade us, please! We need some invasion around here. I'll make you sushi or something if you come.
I'm surprised at your list, I thought it'd be longer.

locomocos said...

you KNOW i want some sushi!

Hell YES i'm coming out for NYE!!!

and about that list - I'm still adding! Duh!

Anonymous said...

You need to remedy the communication gap with Captain Kickass, or he's going to skip off to Chicago instead.