Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Yes, Yes, and …. Gasp…. YES!!!

Are you experiencing job burnout?
• Do work activities you once found enjoyable now feel like drudgery?
• Have you become more cynical or bitter about your job, your boss or the company?
• Are non-work relationships (marital, family, friendships) affected by your feelings about work?
Do you find yourself:
• dreading going to work in the morning?
• easily annoyed or irritated by your co-workers?
• envious of individuals who are happy in their work?
• caring less now than you used to about doing a "good job" at work?
Are you:
• regularly experiencing fatigue and low energy levels at your job?
• easily bored with your job?
• depressed on Sunday afternoons thinking about Monday and the coming week?
If you answered yes to five or more of the above, you may be suffering from
job burnout.

Holy Crap. Did anyone ever think they would actually get burned out after only 5 years out of college?

Well friends – after taking this quiz and speaking to my personal psychiatrist (my mom) I have deducted that I AM burned out.

I then asked myself – if I could have any job in the whole world, what would it be?
I’ve thought LONG and HARD on this one. And I have come the conclusion of 2 jobs:

1. Taster at Dreyers
2. Fluffer

Any suggestions for my current state of mind? Short term solutions for my sanity? ANYTHING!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I answered yes to all over the above. Sad, indeed.

My top two would be:
1. Travel Writer/reviewer for travel guide
2. Music critic/reviewer

Also, chef sounds cool but I'd end up such a fattie.


Anonymous said...

It's funny you mention this because I was just looking through my old posts earlier today and ran across this post. My aspirations, dreams haven't changed much, and hopefully soon something will change. I suppose I'm a little less in pain over the burn out since I've not gone to school for what I'm doing, or for anything for that matter.
So, you want to be a unisex fluffer, or is that more specific?

This and That said...

I am not so much burnt out as a little bored. And I need a new office space! I think the immediate solution is Lipgloss friday night, (you can fluff when you get home).

Anonymous said...

` I don't have a job, but I will be going to school this winter (I hope!) :D

Josh said...

I vote NO on the fluffer job. Taster at Dreyers is your best option. NO on fluffer.

Anonymous said...

Who said you get to vote, Josh? This wasn't about voting, it' about what you're feeling inside. I want Cassie to give a demonstration of what she means by "fluffer" when I'm out there.

locomocos said...

uh...Josh - why do you know what a fluffer is?

and uh...Amber, why do you want a demonstration?

but uh...i agree with Jade! A travel writer would be great!

and YES to lipgloss!

ed said...

I love the fluffer job! And by the way there are no unisex fluffers. Women don't get to be fluffed because they can fake. No spooge needed.

Anonymous said...

Josh - would being a fluffer for gay porn be agreeable?