Thursday, November 09, 2006

Peace Corps 101

So I’ve decided to keep a record of all my dealings with The Peace Corps.
Yesterday I had a meeting at the Denver regional office with Clara. Clara was really helpful in describing the application process and give me a heads up on what to expect during this time.
I’m hoping to get my completed application out by this week. I still need to fill in some big hairy details, like financial obligations, motivation essays, etc. I’m currently looking for some good applicants for references. The fun thing about citing references for The Peace Corps – is they will actually call you, and ask questions about me. So I am hesitant to put down say someone I partied with last week – as they MIGHT divulge some information not too palatable to the recruiter! Hahaha!

The process looks like this:
Step 1: Online application
Wait around 1 week after submittal
Step 2: PC office will send me an additional Background Check packet
This will include getting a police report, finger printing and any other governmental reports about me. I can’t wait to see what they got! CAUSE THEY GOT NUTHIN’ MAN!!!!
Wait around 1 week after submittal
Step 3: PC office will send me an additional Medical History packet
I will need to get a physical, eye exam, dental exam, etc so they know if I need a root canal vs. knocking out one of my teeth with an ice skate! Yikes!!!
Wait about 1 week after submittal
Step 4: PC office will send out a Financial Responsibility packet
This is to make sure that I’ve filled out all forms and taken care of any debt I owe during my 2 years of service – i.e. defer my student loans, take care of all credit debtors, or sign over any mortgages I have (which luckily, I don’t)
Wait 1 week after submittal
Step 5: Waiting
At this point, the PC office will send in a request for placement to Washington. All my info will then sent and reviewed by the head honchos at the Washington DC Peace Corps office.
This will take anywhere from 2-5 months
Step 6: I will receive an ‘invitation’ to accept an assignment at a certain date (say I receive an invitation in May for a program that starts in August). If I accept the assignment, I will then be ready to go ASAP!!!

Then it’s off to training for 3 months, and then afterwards, I begin the 24 month service in my chosen country!

Sound good?
Well – looks like first thing is first. I had better get my application is so I can start this year long process!

p.s. I've been trying to post pics - but once again, my network admin lady is messing with the computers! blech!!!!


Amber said...

wow, well, you really are doing it then? exciting, and I hope it will be everything you are looking for, and more.

Anonymous said...

` Wow! You're brave! Have fun!

` BTW did I mention my corn field post?

Aaron said...

Good luck Cas. I hope you get invited to work in a place that is not at war, has minimized corruption, and has extradition treaties with the US.

I suppose hoping for a place that is somewhat friendly to US citizens is probably out of the question.... You can always tell them that you're from Canada.