Friday, September 01, 2006

Jeff Allen

I was driving to a meeting yesterday, when the song, "When I see you Smile" by Bad English came on the radio. Now, this is a really crappy song, but when I was in 7th grade, Jeff Allen called in and dedicated it to me on the local college radio station.

Ohmigod! I was so excited! I was so touched! I was so in love!

Cassie circa 1991
Originally uploaded by locomocos.

Maybe I’m feeling nostalgic, like This and That, or maybe its because my 10 year high school reunion came and went.

Or maybe it’s because I randomly heard that song on Jack FM and immediately recognized it due to the one time I had heard it.

But i was thinking about a simpler time. Not that my life is so utterly complicated now, but i wish I could get the same feeling of giddiness i got from hearing that song request back in 1991 from something like, getting a tax refund. Or maybe getting my car back from the mechanic! I guess i got really giddy over going to Seattle last year and seeing Dead Can Dance - but is that all i have to look forward to? Why can't i get giddy like that ALL the time like in jr. high and high school, instead of just once in a while when i shell out tons of dough?

I'm taking that back, just like in Clerks 2 - but a little different (WHICH i would recommend to ANYONE who had seen Clerks back in 1995 - if you haven't seen it and appreciated it, don't try to see it now, and then watch Clerks 2. You will be disappointed.)

But yes. I'm taking small triumphs and giddiness back from the carefree pre-teen and teens.

I am going to try really really hard to get passionate about something, enough to not be able to sleep the night before (other than a job interview or court date)!'

I will from now on be excited and giddy about all things!
And as I look at my daily life, here is where the challenge lies:

1. Getting up for work!
2. Paying my bills on time!
3. Hearing my boss tell me he has another project due tomorrow for me!
4. Your Dart needs more work!
5. You need to get braces to correct that existing baby tooth!
6. Another season of The Apprentice!
7. Taco Salad for dinner.....again!
8. Your bar tab is over $30.....again!
9. Looks like the dryer shrunk another pair of your jeans! Seriously!
10. Getting up for work!

That's right. I am going to think about that feeling I got when Jeff Allen dedicated me a song on the radio, and then asked me to the Valentine's Dance. I will stand up tall and sing, "When I see you Smile" all the way home!
Get ready for greatness, Lloyd!


Christy said...

Stumbled upon your blog...

When I See You Smile - brings back memories.
What is more sad than remembering the 7th grade dediction - is the fact that I used to play this song on the Piano - and think I was amazingly cool...

caffeinator_x said...

That picture is FREAKING HI-LARIOUS!!!! You guys look like original cast of "Saved by the Bell"!!

I find your crook'd teeth endearing... you HAVE to get 'em done?

Have you seen Clerks 2 RECENTLY??... I want to do a review on my blog... but it's not showing ANYWHERES!

I did get your email. Alas... we are NOT going dancing tonight, as my folks have only taken ONE kid off our hands. Ivy'd love to go, but she is decidedly not 21. SERIOUSLY, we will go soon, when you're back KC. We hate being the people who always bail...

thisandthat is not a figment of my imagination... I swear...

Josh said...

Haha, Saved by the bell... haha

jason said...

that lost feeling of giddiness is a combination of increasing world experience (not much is new anymore) and declining hormones. I think it happens to everyone. Every now and again I get that feeling, most recently at the Lips concert. Things stil strike me as fun and amusing, just not at the 7th grade level of jubilence.

Amber said...

I remember you then, you had a nice collection of posters in your room when I met you - Andre Agassi, Poison, INXS. Do you still have that huge teddy bear?

Josh said...

do you mean mono bear?

S E E Quine said...

` *Pant* *Pant* ... Finally have had time to view your blog.
` Who is that with the glasses? They are gi-friggin'-normous!
` (I've had my hands full with my mommy from Ohio, as you may already know.)

Aaron said...

I sometimes have trouble sleeping before a big tennis match or softball tournament.

2 Dollar Productions said...

You were dead-on with all your references in this post from the song to Clerks to Clerks 2 to Say Anything and the important part too.

This and That said...

Cassie-left a little Mr.T advice for you on my blog.

if you are 28, wouldn't the 90's be your high school years? my guess is you weren't much into grunge though

locomocos said...


i TOTALLY remember the piano part of that song being AWESOME!

And Jason - your analysis makes TOTAL sense!

I do still have Mono Bear, and those glasses look like Angela from Who's the Boss, right?

That Valentine's picture was taken in 1991 - but i didn't start listening to good music until a year later in 8th grade - when i met Amber.....
she put me on the right path - to NEW WAVE.

locomocos said...

Clerks 2 was AWESOME!!!

i don't care what ANYONE says. it hits the spot.

but i firmly believe that if you didn't see the first movie when it came out - DON'T see the second one. You will miss the point completely.

i didn't eve re-watch Clerks before i saw Clerks 2. I didn't feel it necessary. And it wasn't! Trust me!

it's not showing around town anymore, but i think Caffx would do an AWESOME movie review when he did see it.....

Dilaram said...

You shouldn't lie about your bartab like that. Over $30. I think you are understating it.

Amber said...

Hence the mentioning of "poison" posters in your room. I had my work cut out for me.
So, you've been extending this giddiness to the picking friends poem from the days of yore?