Friday, September 22, 2006

This Week in The Onion

Mister Rogers' Neighborhood Gerrymandered To Serve King Friday's Make-Believe Agenda
September 19, 2006
Issue 42•38
MISTER ROGERS' NEIGHBORHOOD, PA—A plan to radically redistrict Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood to further cement the control of the powerful King Friday XIII political machine is expected to pass this week and deeply affect current taxation structure, voting patterns, and services. "Meow-me-meow can't afford meow property tax as it stands now meow, and meow don't want everything I've worked for to be destroyed meow," said one resident, who asked to remain anonymous. Among the anticipated changes are sharp cutbacks in speedy deliveries, the elimination of trolley routes to such low-income districts as Someplace Else and the platypus mound, as well as the destruction of the Museum-Go-Round to make room for a massive new headquarters for The Electric Company.


S E E Quine said...

` Haaaaaaaa! 'Who asked to remain anonymous'... haaaaa! That's the funniest damn....
` OH NO! Now I have the Electric Company song in my head - I have never seen that show, but Lou sometimes sings it for reasons I do not comprehend.
` Do ya wanna stick of gum, gum, gum, do ya wanna stick of gum, gum, gum......'
` By the way, if you like the Rocky Horror Picture show, please look at my blog. Thank you.

This and That said...

they forgot to mention the Starbucks going in right next to the trolley station

Aaron said...

Damn. The old man dies and it turns into a free-for-all with his children.

It's a damn shame.