Wednesday, September 20, 2006

A Day in the Life....

So not much has been going on, except that I’m completely slammed at work. I’ve been working on that MS150 post for a week, and have MADE myself take 5 minutes to write my thoughts out today.

Although I’ve been crazy busy, I have had time to NOT watch my Brisco County Jr. Instead, I have put aside my dream husband, Bruce Campbell, for none other than Clark Kent. No no, not the NEW Superman – OR the old one!
Josh bought the first 3 seasons of Smallville, and I must say, I’m completely hooked! Although I don’t know if it’s because the show is really great, or Tom Welling is such a hottie.
Now, as most of you who know me, know that my true loves never have that ‘Pretty Boy’ style of good looks.

(in random order)
1. Bruce Campbell
2. Jack Black
3. Colin Firth
4. Ewan McGregor
5. Steve Zahn
6. Tobey McGuire
7. Johnny Depp (whom out of all of them, DOES give Tom a run for his money)
8. Lenny Kravitz
9. Beck
10. Mike Myers

But due to Tom’s good looks, and as Paul so astutely observed, his character as the honest, mild mannered, teen-angst ridden superhero this is probably why my attraction has formed. That and he takes his shirt off a lot (but not enough….haha!).

So the question raised in me is: If he played evil Lex Luthor, would I still think him a hottie?
I’m not sure. He might go off my radar like most goofy ‘too pretty’ actors (i.e. Ashton Kutcher).

While I search within myself for this answer, I feel I’m cheating on all my other boyfriends. I feel I’ve let Bruce down. Don’t ask me why, but I feel embarrassed that if Bruce walked into a coffee shop where I was at - and I showed him my top 5 list – he might be a little disappointed to see Tom’s name on the list. He might think I was into looks, and not abilities! But then again, if that highly unlikely situation ever did occur, I doubt Bruce would make the decision to go out with me due to a silly piece of paper. He probably would call for security and tell me to get my drooling limp body out of the way of his latte.

Tom Welling would decide my fate in a matter of seconds, using the old 'Caesar Thumbs up or down’ gesture – in which his body guards would pick me up and drop me off 25 miles from the point of contact.

Well, at the end of the day, I have a much better piece of eye candy waiting for me. After all, I have my own hottie at home who doesn’t even COMPARE to my top 5 list. I mean, who could want anything more than SMOKIN’ HAWT JOSH!!!
Yeah. You know you want some.


This and That said...

Make mine a Ewan McGregor and David Bowie sandwich and I am there...will even have seconds!! CaffX knows that these are my exception guys so he will understand. Just like Thora Birch and any _______ is his (any other robust chick with glasses and good feet)

I think Bruce would understand your newbie to the list. It is good to keep all age groups represented. (all legal age groups!)

And that doctored pic of Josh is awesome.

You are a funny chiquita...keep writing.

Paul said...

Josh and CaffX have the same fetish!

Paul said...

P.S. That picture of Ewan McGregor literally took my breath away. But not my underwear. Crap.

Josh said...

Paul, what about that awesome pick of me in that style'n blue hat? All the hoes love it.

Spornitz said...

What?! MS 150, you were here and didn't tell me?! I am miffed.