Monday, August 28, 2006

Kelty or Marmot?

Josh and I went shopping over the weekend. I especially wanted to get a few items for my bike ride, which is only 2 weeks away!

So Josh bought some docs and I bought some much needed bike shoes.

Josh bought a nice button up shirt, and I bought a bike jersey.

Josh bought a DVD player, I bought a camelbak!

Yes yes yes. A couple of regular consumers.

With two weeks away, I still need some items for my ride. I have to spread out my purchases, as it is friggin' expensive to be a cyclist!
As I was trying to shop for my bike items at the local R.E.I. store (and came up with nada) I realized that everyone IN that joint had the money to do all those crazy hobbies! Have you ever been to a 'recreational sports' store? it's not like a REAL hunting, camping, fishing store. Now yes, I understand that we are in the Rocky Mountains, and it's easier to do the 'mountain sports' - but if you've ever been to a locally owned 'mountain sports' store, versus a 'recreational sports' megastore - you will notice a difference. The difference being that the people who shop at one store go there partly to purchase 'recreational' North Face coats for the 'cold' Colorado winters, and partly to go to the Starbucks to read their newspaper - while people go to the other store to actually purchase items for their 'mountain' sports.
I'm not any better. I think those stores are cool - for about 5 minutes. After my workout in which I had to vault over all the GINORMOUS jogging strollers and artfully dodge the people who stood in the middle of the traffic flow talking about Cliff bars, I made Josh take me to the bike shop across town!

Well, after my rant about R.E.I. MEGASTORE - I decided to get serious about shopping for my ride.
I decided to buy a hat.

What do you think?
I bet it will make me faster.


Mom said...

Cassie, please tell me you did not actually spend money on that hat. PLEASE TELL ME YOU FOUND IT IN A DUMPSTER YOU SOMEHOW WOKE UP IN.

caffeinator_x said...

Cassie, you have the only mom of all my friends who would RATHER you wake up in a dumpster. THAT IS AWESOME!

Will you go to the prom with me, Mrs. Cassie's Mom?

Paul said...

If whoever had taken that picture had taken it from a different angle, we would be able to see where your fan club meets. Haha! I love that hat and so did the Frenchies.

This and That said...

I think that hat may have some aerodynamic value. If nothing else, you are sure to get on the local news if you wear it during the ride.
I find REI very intimidating. It just reminds me of how completely out of shape I am and how lazy!

2 Dollar Productions said...

This should increase your speed by 5x, and people will also clear a wide path for you to speed by them due to the fear of being hit by that monster.

S E E Quine said...

` Ha ha haaa! Yes, I hate R.E.I., although their used stuff isn't too bad.

` Even if the hat blew off in 2 seconds, I'm sure it would be a great weapon.

` Too bad you are leaving... I am soon to be putting up more posts of those drarwings you thought were neat. Well, the next one due to be out is An Army of Dexters... y'know, like from Dexter's Lab? I didn't realize I had jpegs of them (and thus could post them) until a couple days ago. Darn computers, always tricking me!!!

Josh said...

Nice hat, you look HOT!

Aaron said...

Well, I guess you'd have to weigh the benefit of the impact-cushioning aspect with the extra aerodynamic drag that will be produced.

We don't have REI in MO. We have Dicks - sans starbucks thank god.